And it begins

Several months ago I came across a blog called a New Dress a Day.  This really thrifty and creative girl decided that she could take a piece of thrift store clothing and turn it into something wearable.  Now, that’s not a completely new concept except that now with it being 2011 and all we can blog about things like this.  So, her challenge to herself was to do this daily for one solid year and blog about it showing before, during and after pictures along with basic instructions.  To someone like myself who can’t even sew on a button this borders on insanity and Albert-Einstein-genius.  Since I found this blog when she was already several months into it I spent the next few days reading her entire blog from the beginning.  I wasn’t inspired necessarily but I gave super kudos to the girl.

Then about a week ago I noticed that one of my sorority sisters posted something on Facebook about finishing her year-long blog about being productive.  Since I didn’t even know she was writing one (note to self: be a better and more involved friend) I was immediately intrigued.  So, I spent the next several days reading her entire years’ worth of blog entries. 

Now, I find myself inspired.  I still can’t sew unlike these two amazing chicas (that being said, I did get a super nifty Brother sewing machine for Christmas that’s still sitting in a box… note to self #2: take it out of the box and learn to sew) but I am inspired to do more with my days.  I find that my life is in a rut and if I’m being honest, has been for a while.  I get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner (which, if you know me you know that this is usually an hour+ long process because I never do anything simple), wash dishes, watch TV with the hubs and go to bed.  All in all that amounts to not a particularly interesting day.  I feel as though I’m atrophying.  There are so many things I want to do and yet I never can seem to find the motivation to do them.  Shame on me.  As the saying goes, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So, I thought to myself that perhaps a blog is the way to go, not that anyone will actually follow it or read it but it makes me accountable for changing my life.  I came across this entry in my sorority sisters blog and it sort of felt like God coming down and thumping me on the head.  Here it is…

“Today a very wise woman described the human personality as a tray of different color marbles, each marble color representing a different quality or aspect of ourselves. As the tray moves, different colors might rearrange and become more prominent, but that does not mean the others go away. I really responded to that since I am learning to adjust my view of myself as I become a healthy person. Just because one area of who I am is more prominent, that does not mean the rest are lost.”

My marbles seriously need some changing.  With that in mind, this blog is being born.  It may contain anything from working out (which I seriously have to get in the habit of doing), a new healthy recipe that is worthy of being shared, a new crafty project I’ve been wanting to learn or that’s been taking up space in my closet, an event that I’ve never done before, or just whatever I think serves as motivation for moving forward.  I may not post every day for a year, or then again I may, there’s really no telling until you get into this.  Although again if I’m being honest with myself as I sit here and write this entry I’m thinking “oh my God, there’s just no way that I’ll ever have the motivation to write this thing daily.”  It’s sad to me that this is where I am in my life.  So, onward and forward we shall go, it’s bound to be an interesting ride.


2 responses to “And it begins

  1. I am so very excited about this. New dress a day was one of my big inspirations too and I am exuberant beyond words that I could help inspire you as well. I will definitely be reading to follow your journey. 🙂

  2. Gerri Horton

    Go Arianne!! Maybe we can help pull each other into changing our lives!!! I’m looking forward to reading your next installment!!!

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