To curl or not to curl? That is the question.

Quick update from yesterday: I’m sore in a few places.  Man I’ve missed that feeling.

So I actually already had an improvement for today planned out several weeks go.  Yay for timing.

Currently, I have long hair.  It’s down to approximately my mid-back and has sort of that beachy wave thing going on.  When I met the hubs for the very first time it had been a year since my last serious relationship and as most women know, you tend to change your hair a lot when your relationship status changes.  So, I’d done something drastic and cut it the shortest it has ever been (the longest part only reached to the crease in my lips).  Oh yeah, and I dyed it blonde.  Luckily, the hubs doesn’t remember me this way which is good because it was NOT a good look.  It was incredibly manageable but super short hair is not pretty on chipmunk-cheeked round faces.  Bad combo.  At some point the hubs told me he really loves it when I wear my hair curly and, naturally, the shorter it is the curlier it is.  However, once we got engaged I knew that I would want to wear it curly for the wedding but that I would not be using my natural curl.  Instead I sat under a hair dryer for nearly two hours with rollers in my hair.  Anyways, needless to say I grew my hair waaaaay out for the wedding.  I have added well over a foot in length since I first met the hubs.  It’s back to my natural color now, which I like, but it’s getting long and stringy and it’s not nearly as curly now.  Enter another major change in my life: working for a large corporation that isn’t construction or animal based.  Since my last few jobs required quite a lot of time out in the field, it didn’t really matter what I looked like.  Of course I dressed nice but I frequently ended up outside in steel-toed boots and a hardhat.  Now, I work in a cushy corporate job and it really matters what I look like every day.  Now, I’m definitely not a suit and panty hose girl so that’s just out the window and I’m also not skinny which means I generally can’t wear the latest trends.  What this DOES mean however is that I have to do the upmost with what I do have to work with and stringy hair just isn’t cutting it.  On top of that, I am soooo not a morning person.  I don’t wake up cranky or anything but I just flat out don’t want to get out of the bed.  Therefore, I stay in bed until the last possible second, hair be damned.  I have come to the realization that I am not, nor will I ever be, nor do I want to be the kind of girl who gets up and spends thirty minutes doing her hair in the morning.  No thank you, I’ll take my zzzz’s any day.  I also do not possess the talent or know how to really DO anything with my hair in the first place.  I can get it into a pony tail, that’s about it.  This means that I generally go to work with my wet hair up in a bun… not the most glamorous look for my new cushy corporate job.

My natural hair

My natural hair

A few weeks ago I decided this must change and change fast.  I asked my good friend L who has great hair naturally and, like me, has tried her hair a zillion different colors and cuts what she thought about a perm.  She said go for it.  So, I went and met her stylist and sort of did an interview with her.  I liked her and she liked me so a-perming-we-will-go.  I’ve had my hair permed before and I liked the results.  It’s also nice because I can get up, shower, throw some product in my wet hair and go.  It will air dry and still look nice without me having to do anything to it.  Here’s hoping it works this time as well!

Post-perm hair

Post-perm hair


3 responses to “To curl or not to curl? That is the question.

  1. Lindsey Brown

    Yay! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. A change in hair (especially one that makes fixing it easier) always makes me feel 10 times better!

  2. Gerri Horton

    It looks Great!

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