Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.

I’m relatively certain that this is one of my kiddos top five mottos in life.  Since she’s an only child she spends most of her day alone with nothing but her window to the world.  I mean this in a literal sence.  In our house we have a large bay window in our dining room that goes almost to the floor.  In front of this window we have placed one of her many puppy beds and it is her favorite place in the house.  From here, she can watch the world go by.  She isn’t usually a barky dog unless there is someone walking, biking, rollerblading, or skateboarding by; another dog walking by; the neighbors cat walking by; the neighbor getting out of their car; or a squirrel sitting in the tree.  But yeah, other than that she’s quiet.  Actually she makes a great guard dog and knows to shut up on command so it’s all good.  With all the time spent on her window-to-the-world bed as well as the other various puppy beds stashed around the house they’re bound to get nasty.  So for todays improvement we stripped all of the beds (6 of them!) of their protective covering and washed the covers throughly.  The mattresses were vacuumed and left in the sun to air out.  Now it’s back to napping in the sunshine and barking at the squirrels (I mean the dog, not me).  Sweet dreams happy puppy, sweet dreams.

Window to the world

Window to the world


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