A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction. ~Oscar Wilde

Yesterday I went for a pumpkin enzyme facial at Sugar Land Face and Body.  I purchased the facial through Groupon several weeks ago as a treat to myself.  I never get facials.  Truth be told it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience for me.  If you’ve never had one, here’s what you’re missing…

The esthetician (that’s a fancy word for saying “facial operator”) slathers some stuff on your face, then wipes it off.  Then she slathers more stuff on your face and wipes it off again.  Then she sticks your face under a jet of steam which makes it hard to breathe but opens your pores.  After about 5 minutes or so she starts extracting (this is the process of getting any gunk out of your pores).  It’s generally painful and leaves you looking like Rudolph.  Then again, she slathers more goop on your face, and wipes it off.  And viola, you’re done!  You leave with a throbbing red nose and feeling like someone scrubbed your face with sandpaper and then smothered you in Vaseline. 

All that aside, several days after the facial your face usually does look amazing.  So, with the enticement from Groupon for a facial at a ridiculously low price, I just couldn’t say no.  The pumpkin enzyme facial is a bit different from a “normal” cleansing facial.  Here’s what it is supposed to do (per their website): The Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub Treatment works great for anyone who wants to rejuvenate her look and polish away dead skin cells. The gentle scrub contains pumpkin enzymes that aid in breaking down dead and irregular skin cell buildup, as well as fruit enzymes that soften and smooth the skin’s texture. After this treatment your skin will be polished and clean without the stress and irritation that is often associated with deep exfoliation treatments.

So, it was a lot of goop and wipe, goop and wipe.  At one point I remember thinking “my face smells like Thanksgiving.”  There’s something you never imagine yourself thinking. 

When I made it home both my mom (who knew I was having the facial) and the hubs (who didn’t know) commented on how pretty my skin looked.  So, I would call it successful.  Today my skin feels a little funny but hopefully within a day or two it will calm and I’ll look like a million bucks (or at least the forty bucks I paid for the Groupon).


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