I scrapbook therefore I am – broke. ~Author Unknown

Sometimes I think I should stop talking to people about my hobbies.  There’s a lady in our office who sews, and she’s great at it.  I don’t remember how but we got to talking about other hobbies and she mentioned that she also makes cards.  In turn, I told her I love to scrapbook.  Her response was “Oh!  Have you heard of Archivers?”  This in turn led to her forwarding an email to me from Archivers announcing a free make a card night.  A free night to make a craft?  I’m down.  Unfortunately I already had something planned that night so another friend of mine from work and I decided that we would just go after work one day to check this place out.  I love date night with the girls (or girl in this case).  What makes this even better is that the store is over in the Katy area and there happens to be a yummy Italian restaurant over there that I never get to go to because quite frankly I’m not driving 45 minutes for Italian food.  Hasta la Pasta AND scrapbooking?  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. 

Now, if you’ve never gotten into scrapbooking here’s a secret… it’s insanely addictive.  A few years ago I started this hobby and made about twenty pages for my scrapbook before my checking account was screaming at me to stop.  There’s just so much cute stuff to buy!  Since then I’ve purchased a lot of stuff, but haven’t actually done any scrapbooking.  Part of the problem is that it takes space to scrapbook and space is something I’m lacking.  The only place in our house with the necessary space is a screened in porch with a glitchy window unit.  The temperature in there is never comfortable which makes me never want to use it which means the scrapbook supplies are piling up but the pages aren’t.  Hopefully with the blog in full swing (can one week be considered full swing?) I’ll find the motivation to actually start making some pages.  I can hear my checkbook groaning already. 

When we walked into Archivers I turned to my friend and said “maybe I should just give you my checkbook.”  I was only half kidding.  Archivers isn’t a huge store, it’s not a Hobby Lobby or anything, but they do have a great selection of really hard to find items.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels are great for beginning and intermediate scrapbookers (I still fall into this category).  However, if you have a really special page you want to make, I highly suggest Archviers.  They had some of the prettiest papers I’ve ever seen.  Naturally, I wanted to just say “I’ll take one of everything please” but I restrained myself.  Just barely.  In truth I walked out spending only $20 (which is the equivalent of someone paying only $100 at Tiffany’s).  I kept telling myself that I need to scrapbook what I already have and come back later.  Look at me being all responsible adult and stuff. 

When G (that’s my friend) and I just couldn’t take it anymore (too many options, so much to buy) we left and headed to Hasta la Pasta.  I had their signature dish sans-meat.  It’s called, how shocking, Hasta la Pasta.  It’s bell peppers and poblano peppers in a jalapeno alfredo sauce – just enough spicy and a whole lot of delicious.  We also had their spinach artichoke dip which comes with bruschetta (this is what hooked me on the restaurant in the first place).  If you’ve never eaten here I highly suggest that you take the time for a meal the next time you’re in the area.  It’s definitely worth it in my book.  Now I just have to convince them to build one in Sugar Land. 

We came back to Sugar land and decided to stop at Swirll, the local frozen yogurt bar.  I discovered this place through my friend E about a month ago and I’ve been back three times since then.  You choose (and self-serve) your own frozen yogurt, mixings and toppings and then pay by the ounce.  Seriously dangerous for those whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs. 

All in all it was a fantastic evening.  I learned that Archivers offers lots of classes every month which I’ll definitely be attending so keep an eye out for that post sometime in the next few months.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get in some scrapbooking.  I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future.  I hear sounds of torture coming from my wallet.


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