Even my errands have errands.

Man it was a long weekend… productive, in a round about way, but still… it was long. 

We started Friday night by going out to dinner for my hubby’s birthday.  We all ate so much I thought we’d need stretchers to get us out the door and to our car.  Guess that’s just what happens with parmesan crusted tilapia, lobster tail, endless shrimp and a lot of cheddar bay biscuits.  I think I’m still full.

Saturday the hubs, mom and I left and grabbed breakfast then headed for pedicures.  About two months ago I broke my pinkie toe on my dad’s demon-possessed chair and this is the first pedicure I’ve had since then.  I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels to no longer have quarter-inch thick sandpaper on the bottom of my feet, and have non-Guinness-world-record-length toenails.  Afterwards we headed to the Galleria to get a snazzy coat altered for my hubby (it was his Christmas present from mom last year and we’re just now getting around to getting it altered… suddenly makes me remember why I started this blog in the first place).  Next, we dropped mom off and headed out on our whirlwind errand running trip.  We went to the vet to get wet dog food for the pup (she has food allergies and requires a special diet), we went to Home Depot to get a new shower head for our bathroom, we went to Chili’s for lunch because I had a coupon for free chips and queso, we went to Michaels to pick up items for my changingmymarbles plan for today, we went to Office Depot to pick up paper, toner, binders, a chair mat and various other items, and we went off in search of a few essential clothing items missing from my wardrobe.  The list of errands was longer but we ran out of time before we had to head to my dad’s for birthday dinner.  Not only do the hubs and I have birthdays in September but my stepbrother does as well.  Years ago we decided it was just so much easier to celebrate together and that’s been the plan ever since.  My stepmom cooked manicotti and it was probably the best I’ve ever had.  Yum yum.  Oh, and we had the most amazing ice cream cake I’ve ever eaten too.  Thank you Dairy Queen.  It was leaps and bounds better than any other ice cream cake I’ve had from Marble Slab or Baskin Robbins or any place like that.  I highly recommend it.  And the even better news?  We got to take the leftover ice cream cake home.  WHOO HOO! 

Sunday morning when I woke up I found that the hubs had already replaced the shower head.  He rocks.  It’s so nice to have water pressure that doesn’t feel like thousands of little bee stings.  By noon we were out the door again for, guess what?, more errand running (I think I’m seeing a trend here).  We went back to the clothing store to pick up the things we’d found the day before (I put them on hold because I forgot my coupons), went back to Michael’s to get more items needed for today, went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new deep skillet because the Teflon is coming off of ours, and last but not least went to Walmart.  I hate Walmart, especially the one by my house.  We’ve nicknamed it ghetto-Walmart.  The fact that I got in and out without considering homicide is a HUGE improvement.  

Once home I started working on the project I’m finishing up today, had a chat with mom about retirement and watched The Green Mile (best movie ever!).  All in all a very productive and exhausting weekend.


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