In progress

I just wanted to give a quick update so that no one thinks I’m slacking :)…

I love crafts and interior decorator type stuff.  I have a HUGE (6”!) binder filled with these types of ideas that I’ve pulled out of magazines or printed off the internet.  One of the main reasons that I started this blog is because I pull out all these great ideas, and file them away.  Nothing ever gets done with them!  I look at them and think, “one day…” and then six months later I go back and look and still nothing has been done.   So, now I have a blog that should force motivate me to get some of these ideas out of the binder and into reality.

One problem:  I can hardly lug around a 6” binder and the binder itself is full and there are lots of ideas waiting for a binder home of their own.  So, I purchased a bunch of new manageable-sized binders (2”) and have been slowly but surely moving things around into the new binders.  This is a long and tedious process but it’s coming along (2 binders down, 6 to go).  So, I really am working and being productive, there’s just not much to show for it at the moment.  I have to get this mess organized before I can actually start any of the projects or else I’ll lose my mind. 

It’s a slow, boring, tedious week in Marble Changing Land but we’re truckin’ along.


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