There’s no such thing as soy milk. It’s soy juice. ~Lewis Black

Last night I tried a new recipe called “Meaty” Meatless Spaghetti.  All the ingredients sounded yummy… garlic, tomato basil pasta sauce, onions, spinach… and soy crumbles?  While I’ve made a dish or two with soy before I’m still generally leery of doing so.  Fortunately my very non-picky husband generally doesn’t notice when I sub soy for real meat.  The meal smelled good while cooking so I was optimistic.  It came time to eat and as I chewed I found I liked the flavor, but the texture of the soy meat was kinda weird.  It was like a combination of ground beef and rubberbands.  A little difficult to choke down for someone like myself who is very texture sensitive when it comes to food.  I noticed my husband was very quiet while eating which is usually not a good sign.  When he loves what I’ve made, he makes little moaning and groaning noises which are actually quite cute.  I asked him what he thought and he just shook his head side to side and said “it’s gross” while he continued to finish his bowl.  That’s one of the million reasons I love the man, the meal might suck but he’s still going to finish his plate.  Strangely enough when I asked why he didn’t like it he said it was the flavor… something about the herb.  I can only assume that it’s the flavor of the tomato and basil pasta sauce that he was referring to as it was the only thing with herbs in it.  So, last nights new recipe was a giant fail… I cant handle the texture and he doesn’t like the flavor.  Good thing there was a frozen pizza in the freezer. 


Update from walking the other day:  I owe an apology to my friend G who walked with me.  When we started out on the trail I thought to myself that she would want to quit long before I did and man was I sorely mistaken.  G kicked my ass!  The woman is a teenager shy of twice my age and I was dragging behind her.  Talk about a lesson in humility!  I’m so glad she walked with me though because I walked farther and faster because she was there and I didn’t want to look like a wimp.  We fast walked a total of three miles in the 100 degree Texas heat on an uneven trail.  It took us an hour.  My hope is that in a month or so we’ll be able to beat that time.  I am happy that I’m not really sore… a little soreness in my calves is all I’ve got.  I slept great Tuesday night (which is rare for me) so that’s an added bonus.  Here’s to walking!  Thanks G for doing this with me.  I may have to start calling you “Coach.”


One response to “There’s no such thing as soy milk. It’s soy juice. ~Lewis Black

  1. Gerri Horton

    I was ready to quit, but because you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t!!! We kept each other going and we felt better because of it! I know we will beat our time over the next month! Thanks for pushing me!

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