“Art VS craft – eye candy VS hand and eye candy with purpose.” ~ Wayne MacKensie

On Sunday I met my friend G from work at a place in Katy called Archivers to take the 10 Little Tags class that they were offering.  For $20, we learned how to create ten small tags (like you’d put on a Christmas present) using various techniques such as dry and wet embossing, die cuts, rolling stylus, Stickles, rubber stamps, and much much more.  The very first tag we made was by far the most difficult.  It required the making of a 3-D pine cone from a flat piece of brown paper.  Nearly an hour later, I had a pine cone.  I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t frustrated with that process because I definitely was.  There were about a dozen women in the class and our table had the only three ladies (of which G and I made two) who had never done anything like these tags or paper crafts in general before.  We were behind everyone, at some points even 2-3 tags behind everyone.  I don’t like being slow or finishing last and I found myself very frustrated at the fact that I was both.  Once I got over that though, I started to really enjoy myself.  I learned a lot and honestly, I made some really pretty stuff.  I did royally screw up one tag though so I only ended up with 9 tags in all.  When I came home even my mom and husband were really impressed with what I made.  It was genuine too, not the fake ooh-ing and ahh-ing that a parent would do for a young child.  It made me feel really good about myself.  It’s nifty to know that I could definitely make these again all by myself if I wanted to.  I will definitely be taking another class from them at some point in the future. 
Tags 1, 2 and 3

Tags 1, 2 and 3

The candy cane was super easy.  Almost too easy.  I wasn’t impressed much by that one.  I love the gingerbread man.  You can’t really tell by the picture but the tag itself is made of canvas.  We stamped the snowflakes directly onto the canvas.  The gingerbread mad is made of corrugated cardboard and the black buttons are little shiny pom-poms.  The music notes on the left is one of my favorites and I really don’t know why.  It wasn’t particularly difficult to make.  I like the rouched ribbon detailing at the bottom that we did.  We even made the snowflake charm.
Tags 4, 5, and 6

Tags 4, 5, and 6

The Joy tag is really simple and really cute.  We used the die-cut machine to essentially punch the design out of some glittered paper.  The one in the middle is my pine cone nemesis.  The whole thing, including the leaves, is 3D.  The blotches on the paper are actually raised leaf-looking areas (dry embossing) that have been shaded with green.  It’s really very pretty close up.  The Christmas tree on the right is also dry embossed.  The letters and design are raised and shaded with white. 
Tags 7, 8 and 9

Tags 7, 8 and 9

The stocking card is the only actual card we made and I just love it.  It’s whimsical which is what I like my Christmas stuff to be.  You can’t tell from the picture but the white part is dry embossed with Christmas words like “joy, peace, merry” and such.  The scroll-work christmas tree is actually a wood piece that we adhered to the green paper.  We then painted it and added the jewels.  The green card on the left is a bit hard to see but I think it is so simple and so pretty.  The backing is burlap and the green is cardstock that has been sanded to give an aged look.  We dry embossed the trees and then painted over them with some subtle glitter.  Then we stamped the “merry merry merry.” 

3 responses to ““Art VS craft – eye candy VS hand and eye candy with purpose.” ~ Wayne MacKensie

  1. Gerri Horton

    Girl, you did great…way better than me…and I screwed up the same tag you did! But, I agree, it was a blast! Can’t wait to go back again!

  2. Heather Peña

    You have always been a crafty person! Definitely more crafty and creative then I ever was or will be!

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