No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. ~Author Unknown

Want to help end world hunger?  

Want to help give food and care to homeless animals?

Want to help get a homeless veteran a free meal?

Want to help provide therapy for a child with autism and their family?

Want to help provide a child with lifesaving healthcare?

Want to teach a child to read?

Want to save the rainforests?

Want to provide mammograms for a woman who otherwise would never receive one?


No matter who you are, it’s likely that there’s a cause listed above that you believe in.  Perhaps, you believe in all of them or maybe just one or two.  Either way, if you could help, you would wouldn’t you? 

The reality is that in this day and age with the economy being the way it is most of us don’t have an overflow of cash to donate.  True, we could probably all skimp on that daily Starbuck’s run and donate the money instead, but how many people would sustain their donations for long?  Probably not many.  In addition, many of us have crazy busy lives and we spend nearly every waking hour of every day cramming in as much as we possibly can.  That doesn’t leave much time for helping out your fellow man (or animal, or forest).  It’d be great if we’d all spare a few hours a month to a cause we believe is worthy.  Again though, how many people would keep that up for long? 

So, while I’d love to espouse the necessities of volunteering and donating to worthy causes, I figure I’ll keep it simple and sustainable. 

The other day while searching for Christmas gifts I stumbled upon the following websites.  They’re all operated by a group called Charity USA.  We’ve all seen things like this before where you go to a website, click on the “button” that’s there and the charities sponsors will donate something to their cause.  What if we all did this every day?  How much help could we provide for the causes listed above?  I challenge you to spend a whopping minute each day to click on the buttons on the websites below to help with the causes I listed at the top of this post.  I timed myself today to see how long it would take to click on the buttons for ALL of the causes listed below… it was just over a minute.  Now, tell me, who doesn’t have one minute to spare each day?  None of us.  The great part is, you don’t have to spend any money either – it’s all donated from sponsors.  You don’t even have to give them your name or address or email.  Nada.  Just click. 

Also – if you’re looking for great gifts, each of these sites has a store associated with it that you can purchase items from online.  They range in price and proceeds are donated to the cause.  Some of these items would make fantastic stocking stuffers.

So – get clicking everyone, and remember to do this once a day, every day!


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