If you’re sick of starting over, you have to stop quitting. ~ quote found on Pinterest

Since I’ve put on all the weight, I find that every so often I get on a healthy kick (usually because I’m frustrated with myself) and I decide I’m going to work out and eat healthy.  Then, I either get bored with whatever routine I’ve started or don’t see changes fast enough.  I’m thoroughly enjoying walking several times a week with my friend G from work.  If you go back and look at the post I wrote when we started that process, I mentioned that I didn’t really expect to see a weight loss from it since we’re just walking (albeit a fast walk) and we’re only doing it twice a week.  That being said, I started to see some minor changes in my calves and breasts.  Sounds weird I know but I can tell.  Then yesterday, when washing my face before bed I looked in the mirror and saw these huge logs attached to my shoulders.  When the hell did my arms get so huge and how did I not notice?  Apparently when you get fat, you also get delusional.  Now, I’m not one of those wacko overweight people who still try to dress in clothes meant for a supermodel.  I’m aware that I’m overweight and I try to dress for my body type.  I’ve never been self-conscious about my arms.  I suppose that’s because after sixteen years of competitive swimming I didn’t really need to be.  However, I didn’t get self-conscious about them when I gained weight either.  I have a dear friend who is not overweight but who is still very self-conscious about her arms and I’m always telling her she’s crazy.  When I got married, I wore a strapless gown, and I felt like a princess.  We had to talk her into going strapless for her wedding (and she looked like a goddess by the way).  Anyways, when I saw my arms in the mirror, there was an honest moment of pure and simple disgust.  I don’t want to feel like that when I look in the mirror.  So, I’m turning my frustration into motivation (for the moment at least, and hopefully long-term).  I’m starting small again since making huge changes tends not to stick.  The “agreement” I’m making with myself is that every weekend, I need to do a workout DVD and take the dog on a long walk.  That’s it.  Nothing major.  I’m still going to walk with G after work and still going to slowly change my diet but for now, that’s Phase 2 of the healthier me.

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