Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… even when you eat it for dinner.

I love to cook.  If you know me or read my blog you’re aware of this fact.  Usually, we cook a new recipe in my house 2-3 times a week.  When I cook something for the first time, I always cook it exactly the way the recipe says to and then after I eat it, I make notes on anything I need to change.  I find new recipes just about anywhere… magazines, cookbooks, various online recipe websites, blogs, Pinterest, friends, you name it.  Usually I just read the title, look at the picture, and read the ingredients to decide if it’s something that I think I would like.  Then, I’ll add it to the menu (yes, I actually sit down each Friday and plan out a menu for the following week) and pick up the ingredients Sunday at the grocery store.  Then, the day of, I’ll get home from work, pull out the recipe and ingredients and get cooking.  Usually this isn’t a problem.  However, sometimes, like on Tuesday, this bites me in the butt.  Tuesday’s meal was Dried Tomato Casserole & a salad (kind of a lame name if you ask me… it should be called Sun-Dried Tomato & Ravioli Soufflé).  I’m chopping and mixing away until I get to these two words … chill overnight.  Umm… what?  Crap.  So, I did what any normal person would do… I called Domino’s.  Then I went ahead and finished preparing the dish while we waited for dinner to be delivered and we had it for dinner last night instead.  (It pays to read the instructions before-hand folks). 

The casserole was actually quite tasty and incredibly easy.  The hardest think you have to do is whisk eggs and milk together.  This makes a great quick-fix meal for a weeknight since it’s prepared the night before.  It also makes a fabulous easy breakfast for times when you might be entertaining and don’t want to make a big fuss (think Christmas day, or the morning after Thanksgiving, or a random visit from the in-laws). 

Dried Tomato Casserole:

Recipe notes:  It is essential to grease the pan well.  I used regular ‘ol Pam and gave it a good coating.  I couldn’t find pre-shredded Monterrey jack so I used some sort of Mexican blend instead.  I think this would be good with any white cheese (mozzarella, Monterrey jack, etc).  I also didn’t have fresh basil or parsley and didn’t want to buy it just for this one dish so I used ¼ tsp of dried basil and ¼ tsp of dried parsley.  I sprinkled them on top right before baking.  I also only used about ½ jar of sun-dried tomatoes.  It lent it a very subtle flavor.  If you’re a fan of sun-dried tomatoes or want a stronger flavor, I’d use the entire jar.  Oh, and we used cheese ravioli since I’m not really a fan of beef.  All opinions, notes, etc are based on using cheese ravioli as using beef would completely alter the flavor. 

As mentioned, we had this for dinner with a salad.  If you wanted to serve for breakfast (or breakfast for dinner), I’d serve it as your main dish with bacon and fresh fruit on the side.  Easy peasy.


One response to “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… even when you eat it for dinner.

  1. Heather Peña

    Sounds really good and easy! I will definitely try this! I recently made a recipe with basil and the fresh basil was really good in the sauce, really brought out the flavor. Its not that expensive and not hard to find so my suggestion would be to try it next time you have a recipe that calls for it!

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