Restaurant Review: Phil & Derek’s

A few weeks ago for date night the hubs and I headed off to a new (to us) restaurant called Phil & Derek’s.  You see, there’s this fabulous website called that offers gift certificates THAT DON’T EXPIRE to various restaurants.  Usually, they don’t offer them to big chains such as Chili’s, Fudrucker’s, Papasitos, etc, however, they do offer them to small chains and independent restaurants.  We had received a gift card at my bridal shower and they were running a super-duper sale.  Now, when they’re running a sale, that’s when things just get fun.  Example:  we purchased several gift cards to local restaurants… the gift card amount was $25.  Now, there are restrictions and they vary by restaurant, such as “$25 on a minimum purchase of $35, valid dinner only, valid mon-thurs only, etc etc etc.”  In this case, it was a $25 gift card with a minimum purchase of $35.  Want to know what we paid for the gift card???  $2.  Yup, that’s right folks, for $2, we got a $25 gift card.  Nifty huh?  So, with our minimum purchase and all, we had to spend $12 on a $35 tab.  Not a bad deal in my book.  Granted, we spent more than our $35 minimum, but still, you get the point.  $23 off.  Whoo hoo! 

Anywho, Phil & Derek’s is a quaint little restaurant that has been created out of an old historical building.  I don’t remember the whole spiel but basically it was owned by one of the first Houston families and it was eventually relocated to its current location and it’s a registered historical site.  It’s a nice little building on a cute little block.  We were seated promptly at 5:30 (when the restaurant opens) and taken to the back with a view of the ‘backyard’.  There were only two other couples there at the time and at first, I was a little put off because they put all three couples in the back instead of spreading us throughout the restaurant.  However, once I started looking around, I realized why.  Two entire walls in the back are nearly solid glass with a view of what amounts to a courtyard.  You see, all of these houses on this block have one communal backyard.  There are fountains, a gorgeous glass pavilion, winding paths and simple but well-maintained landscaping.  At 5:30 with the sun just setting it was quite a wonderful view.  It would make a fantastic place for an intimate wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. 

Anyways, let’s talk about the food since this is a restaurant review after all.  Hubs and I both started with a salad, he had the Caesar and I had the house.  The house salad comes with walnuts and bacon (if I remember correctly), neither of which I eat, so I had them take that off.  I also didn’t want whatever the house dressing was so I got their raspberry vinaigrette instead.  To me, the salads were nothing spectacular.  The hubs and I were both debating between the same two dishes so we each ordered one and split it.  We ordered the cheeseburger and the tomato and mozzarella pizza.  The burger was very good, it was seasoned well, cooked all the way (which is a must for me) and served on a cibatta bun with seasoned fries.  Yum yum.  The pizza was good, but different.  It’s served on a nearly tortilla-thin crust with a pesto made with sundried tomatoes.  It’s then topped generously with real mozzarella cheese.  It’s tasty, a little stout (from the sundried tomatoes), but good none-the-less.  There was some sort of seafood buffet that night but I’m not much of a seafood person myself and the hubs wasn’t interested (not entirely sure why as he loves seafood).  I can appreciate the preparation though and the buffet was very pretty and looked good, even to a non-seafood-eater such as myself.

All in all?  We liked it.  We’d recommend it for a quiet dinner with your sweetie or something of the like.  Have you tried any good restaurants lately?


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