Blog-o-randomness part 2


Lean Cuisine is stepping up their game. The other day I posted about trying some of their new snacks and being pleasantly surprised. Well, thanks to two $1 off coupons PLUS two separate specials that Kroger was running on Lean Cuisines (5 for $10 and buy 8 get $3 off your next visit) I decided to purchase some more L.C. meals this weekend. I bought a variety and today for lunch I ate the Spinach, Artichoke and Chicken Panini. I was a little nervous at first because this one features meat as a prominent ingredient however, it was yuuummmmy. I didn’t get a single piece of ‘funky’ meat. You know what I mean, that piece whose texture more closely resembles a microwaved rubber band than meat… yup, not one single piece of that. I was THRILLED. It was tasty and creamy and delicious. I’ll definitely be purchasing that one again. I’m excited to try another one for lunch tomorrow. Keep it up Lean Cuisine!



I feel really sorry for anyone following me on my Pinterest boards right now. When I first started using Pinterest, I went ape-s!!! crazy (like most other people I’m sure). The majority of the things I pinned were craft ideas, recipes, etc. However, when I went back to try to get the directions for some of the crafts or recipes, I’d find that the links no longer worked. Very frustrating. So, I spent nearly two weeks going through every single pin to click the link, find the directions, save it all in PDF format, and then print and file it away for later. It took forever. However, I’m glad I did because the majority of things I originally pinned no longer have working links. Now, for things that didn’t have directions, I didn’t worry about it. Right now, I’m on an interior design kick… big time. The hubs and I are seriously considering home-ownership and it’s got my inner designer kicking into high gear. I think I’ve pinned well over 100 pins for our ‘new house.’ So, unless the pinners following me happen to looooove my taste in interior design (I’m going to call it Z Gallerie meets Pottery Barn), they’re currently being bombarded with lots and lots of furniture, rugs, and window treatments that they could care less about. Sorry pinners!



I have reached a milestone in my life. Today, I made it all the way to the end of a tube of chapstick. Remember those old commercials about Tootsie Roll Pops with the cartoon owl? “How many licks does it take to get to the center? One…two…three…CRUNCH!” Mr. Owl never made it to the end. Chapsticks are my Tootsie Roll Pops… not because I eat them (although, they say the average woman will eat 7 tubes of lipstick in her life just by licking her lips, eating with it on, etc) but because I use them, and lose them (anyone else have this problem? Nope? Just me then). Perhaps I managed to keep this one safe and sound in my purse for its entire life because I’m in love with it. It’s Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. I knew I was getting close to the end so I asked the hubs to get me some new chapsticks for my Christmas stocking and he came through with flying colors. I actually tried a new one this weekend… lost it within the first hour of using it… no joke. Anywho, this post isn’t about that chapstick, it’s about the one I just finished! Hooray for little milestones!



I’m all for fashion forward people… to a point. Lady Gaga isn’t fashion forward, she’s just got several screws loose (the girl can sing though… in a weird way). One of the trends this fall/winter season was to take a summer dress, put black tights, knee high boots, and a cardigan or jacket with it… I love this trend and am super jealous of people who can wear knee high boots. Perhaps, a more fashion forward person would wear a floral printed dress and tights the color of one of the flowers (bright purple anyone?). I would think that was cute. Anyways, I digress… I work in a swanky office building with a bunch of swanky people. I’m not swanky. In fact, I’m fairly certain that I never have or ever will be referred to as swanky. The company I work for owns five floors of our office building. I rarely see anyone who dresses fashion forward get off on any floor besides 5 or 8. Wanna know why? Floors 5 and 8 are home to our Sales Department, Marketing Department, and ‘Big Wigs.’ Basically, these people are paid to dress with the times and in designer labels. Usually the women I see getting off on these floors look great and I’m stuck on the elevator thinking ‘if only.’ Today however, I rode up on the elevator with a woman who had me wondering ‘what in the world is she thinking?!?!’ At first glance, she looked great. She had on well-tailored bright red trousers, a pretty white and red floral top, and a white knitted cardigan. She’s also about a size two (I’m fairly certain this is also a requirement of working on floors 5 or 8). As I was admiring her outfit I suddenly caught a flash of ostentatious-ness coming from her feet. That’s right kids, this lady had on lime green pumps. If Kermit the Frog could poop out patent leather shoes, I’m fairly certain this would be what he produced. I’m not against lime green shoes as a rule. In fact, I own green shoes (albeit not lime green ones). I can see where they might come in handy… luaus, disco parties, part of Lady Gaga’s ‘normal’ daily ensemble, whatever. Lime green with red and white floral though? Did she pick her shoes out in the dark? I just don’t get it. Perhaps she and Lady Gaga know something I don’t.


Kermit-the-Frog shoes

Kermit-the-Frog shoes


Approximation of red & white floral top

Approximation of red & white floral top




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