“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”


You know how sometimes when you go on vacation you come back and think ‘I need a vacation from my vacation?’  Yeah, I feel like that.  Except I didn’t go on vacation.  But I feel like I need a weekend to recuperate from my weekend. 

This weekend was a complete and utter disaster.  You see, I had this great plan for this weekend… the hubs and I were supposed to celebrate Valentine’s Day since our lives are crazy during the week and we wouldn’t have time to celebrate on the actual ‘day of.’  So, with my good ol’ buddy Groupon and a few other sites like it (Living Social, Eversave, etc) I set off in NOVEMBER with a plan…  Itinerary: Friday night – get massages, go to hibachi Chinese place & finish with dessert at Swirl (my favorite frozen yogurt bar); Saturday – get chocolate & champagne facials and go to lunch at a restaurant of his choosing. 

Well, Friday night my massage was supposed to be at 5pm and his at 6pm.  I figured we’d be able to make it there in time without much problem.  Well, either 1, I’m no longer familiar with the nightmare that is Houston traffic or 2, Houstonians have COMPLETELY forgotten how to drive in the rain.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to our massages.  It took me 3 hours just to get partially there, realize I was lost and already 30 minutes late, and turn around and head home.  So, since these are through Groupon, we can’t cancel and redeem them later… it just doesn’t work that way for same-day cancellations.  So, that means money wasted and a sore butt (from sitting in my car in the rain in Houston traffic for 3 hours).  I had no energy (or patience, or want-to) to go to dinner so we ordered in Chinese from our favorite place down the street and just stayed home. 

Saturday, I awoke at 5:30am to a very loud storm going on right outside our house.  The thunder was shaking the window.  Want to know what else was shaking?  Our 60-lb sissy dog.  I spent the next three hours snuggled in bed with a vibrating, panting, panic-attack-having fur ball.  Finally I gave up on the concept of trying to calm her down (and on trying to fall back asleep) and just got up.  I got dressed and the hubs and I headed to the other side of town for our Chocolate and Champagne facials.  The ‘spa’ we went to is owned and operated by one person so she could only see one of us at a time.  I let the hubs go first and while he was being pampered I sat on their super-comfy extra-wide chair, curled up in a tiny ball, read a little, and then zonked out.  I awoke to a freshly scrubbed shiny-faced husband who looked as sleepy as I felt.  He said he loved the facial and was super-relaxed.  He said he even fell asleep during part of it.  So, that part, at least, was a success.  Next up it was my turn.  Ok, first off, I want to put a disclaimer here that I don’t really enjoy facials in the first place.  Second, I don’t really think that anything that happened was the fault of the person performing the facial.  I just have wacko-crazy-sensitive skin.  Long and short of it?  The facial burned.  As in literally.  I have a raw, red, burned patch of skin on my cheek.  She put the goop on, I asked what was in it, she told me, I said ‘it sure is zippy’ and she asked if it was burning, I said yep, and she immediately and with a flourish started taking it off.  No bueno.  So, yesterday I was super red.  And itchy.  And nothing I did to soothe it helped so I just suffered.  Today, I’m less red, but super bumpy (think rash-ish) and really itchy.  And cranky.  But I digress… after our facials we went to lunch at Rudy’s.  It’s a BBQ place that we love but there isn’t one anywhere near us (come on Rudy’s, build one in Sugar Land already).  They have the BEST smoked turkey sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  So I got two.  And one to go for mom.  (In my defense the hubs got two pulled pork sandwiches AND potato salad).  Afterwards we went to Joann’s fabrics to pick out fabrics for the Craft Hope project (there’s still time to get me your fabric by the way!!!!).  We picked out 4 different fabrics, 2 for girls and 2 for boys.  I’ll definitely take pictures as I get the tote bags made.  Then I went off to a babysitting job (yes, I’m 28 and I work part time as a nanny/babysitter).  It was a pretty easy gig – 8pm to 2am.  The kiddo slept for most of it and I watched parts of Scarface and all of The Prince of Persia on a tv that’s bigger than my refrigerator/freezer.  Good times.  However, being woken up at 5:30am and going to sleep at 3:30am is not fun.  I don’t miss my college days thank you very much.  I like sleeping 9 hours a night. 

So, I slept in until 11:30am Sunday morning and spent the next 2 hours on the couch watching The Count of Monte Cristo (I love Jim Caviezel).  Afterwards I started on one of my tote bags for Craft Hope.  What I thought would be a relatively simple project turned out to be, well… not so simple.  I had problems with my zigzag stitch so I had to improvise and use another one.  Oh, and in my first attempt to apply an iron-on applique I set the fabric on fire.  Go me.  Can you tell I don’t iron?  As in ever?  So yeah, I finally reached a point when I just couldn’t take it anymore (too many disasters in one weekend) and quit.  I’ll go to Joann’s tonight and get another iron-on and try again this evening. 

I’m just tired though.  And disappointed.  Essentially nothing this weekend went as planned.  And I got NOTHING accomplished.  My office is a disaster.  My half of the master bedroom is a disaster.  I didn’t get my grocery shopping done.  I didn’t even cook dinner last night.  I didn’t pack my lunch for today, or pick out my clothes for the week which I usually do every Sunday.  I got nothing done, and I’m totally wiped out.  So tonight I have to make up for it all… after work I’m going to Joann’s to get the iron on, going to the grocery store, going home to cook dinner and finish sewing the 1 tote bag that I started last night, packing my lunch for tomorrow and getting the master bedroom cleaned up and my clothes set out for the rest of the week.  I see very little rest in my future.  Oh, and my face still itches.  Is it Friday yet?


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