A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. ~ Alfred Hitchcock

Somewhere in between having one set of in-laws visiting for the weekend and sewing three tote bags for my Craft Hope project the hubs and I managed to squeeze in THREE movies.  Crazy stuff.  We went to the theatre and saw This Means War with my hunny’s mom and step-dad.  It was cute.  I’d watch it again.  I’ve decided I’m not really a fan of Chelsea Handler but that’s just because her style of comedy is a little raunchy for me.  I wasn’t just ecstatic with the end of the movie but I can’t tell you why or else you’d know the end.  I really like the review that Jay Forry gave it on his website www.blindsidereviews.com.  If you’ve never heard of Jay, he’s a blind movie critic and a super nifty guy.  I have heard him several times doing interviews with the local radio station I listen to every day and I have to say I’m a fan.  You should totally check him out. 

We also watched our two Netflix for the week which were Super 8 and The American.  Super 8 was pretty good but I’m not sure I’d watch it again.  I definitely wouldn’t buy it.  I kept getting frustrated that we didn’t get a good shot of the alien until the very end.  The moral of the story is sound but still… I’m not sure I’d watch it again.  It’s a good movie for kids though… I’d say age 10 and up because of some of the language.  The S-word makes a debut about 50 times throughout the movie.  Our second Netflix movie was The American.  It was definitely not what I expected.  I was expecting a shoot-em-up-James-Bond-ish movie starring George Clooney and it’s definitely not that.  Clooney does some pretty good acting in it but I thought the movie was entirely predictable.  I totally knew who the villain was.  With its lack of action this is also definitely not the movie to start to watch at 9:30 at night because it’s soooo slow you’re nearly asleep by the end.  Trust me, I was fighting my very heavy eyelids. 

The next two movies up in our Netflix queue are Friends with Benefits and American Gangster.  I have high hopes for Friends with Benefits and I’m not sure what to think of American Gangster.  The hubs has a severe hatred for drug movies because he thinks any movie about them (drugs) entices people to try them (drugs).  So, even if I like the movie I’m sure I’ll be listening to the hubs huff and puff throughout the movie.  We’ll see. 

Anyone see any good movies lately?  I’m always on the search for a good movie, even though our Netflix queue has 456 movies in it currently (which’ll take us about 4 years to get through). 


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