It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician. ~ Meryl Streep

Ok so we all know I don’t have kids, but I totally get that statement.  Recently with all the craziness in my life my dietary consumption has stunk.  I don’t think I’ve seen a fresh vegetable in weeks and let me tell you, by body is NOT happy.  I love my vegis.  Usually, I eat lots and lots and lots of them.  Fruit?  Well, I’ll take a vegi over a fruit any day, but I get my daily serving of fruit each morning in a smoothie so I figure I’m at least getting some fruit nutrition.  But oh, how I miss my vegis.  Each night after leaving my second job and heading home I wish that it wasn’t so late because I’d love to stop by some place like Souper Salad and make me a huge dinner salad.  I have been craving Greek salad for weeks now.  The problem is I just have zero time to do any cooking whatsoever.  I’m sure that comes as a shock to anyone who knows me because usually I cook all the time.  However, now that I’m working until super-late Monday thru Thursday (till approximately 9pm) and then trying to cram in a weeks’ worth of chores and ‘to-do’s’ during the Friday – Sunday timeline, it just doesn’t leave any time for cooking.  So, my lunches have consisted of Lean Cuisine meals (not necessarily bad for you except for all the chemicals), soup from our frozen soup stock (made on New Years Day), and chocolate almond milk.  Yeah, the soup has vegis in it, but I want cold, fresh, crisp vegis.  I truly am dying for a salad.  I’m honestly at the point where I don’t really want to eat anything if I can’t have a salad.  Is that weird?  I’m not really sure.  I do know that my body agrees with me.  My stomach just feels… weird.  That’s the only way I know how to put it.  You know, I DETEST those Activia commercials that talk about ‘feeling sluggish’ but I totally get it now.  It’s not just my digestive tract either.  I just feel like I have sludge on my insides.  Blech.  So, this weekend I’m picking up the fixins for Greek salad (spring mix, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, purple onion, kalamata olives, lemons, and feta or parmesan cheese) and I’m going to make it a point to eat a huge Greek salad every day next week.  I’m also hoping to make my Mexican Cabbage Soup (1 head cabbage, 2 cans black beans, 2 cans Rotel, 4 bags frozen bell peppers and onions, 1 bag frozen corn, top with enough beef broth to make a full pot of soup) which should help me feel better (Lord willing).  Oh, and I’m going to cave and buy those pre-cut cartons of fruit.  They’re expensive, but obviously I don’t have time to even cut vegetables (because if I did, I’d be eating them) so I’d rather spend a little extra $$$ to get them pre-cut and that way all I have to do is throw ‘em in my lunch sack.  Anyone have any ideas for other ways to incorporate lots of fresh vegis without needing any time?  I mean, seriously, I have less than 5 minutes a day to do anything and I’m already getting waaaay less sleep than I’m used to.  Everyone go eat a salad for me and I’ll enjoy through osmosis! 

What’s everyone’s favorite salad?  I have three.

  1. Greek salad (as listed above but I’ll relist the ingredients): spring mix, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, purple onion, kalamata olives, lemon juice, feta or parmesan cheese.
  2. Spinach salad:  baby spinach, mushrooms, red bell pepper, parmesan cheese, Italian dressing
  3. The ‘Barker house salad’:  spinach, spring mix, broccoli coleslaw, cucumbers, celery, carrots, snow peas or snap peas, radishes, cabbage (purple or green) and occasionally but rarely something fun and ‘different’ such as bok choy or kale.

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