Please don’t feed the dust bunnies. ~ Author Unknown

So if you knew my husband and I before we were married but when we were living in sin together you’d know that our refrigerator was home to a huge calendar that had a chore schedule on it for each and every day of the month.  I cannot tell you how many of my friends (especially the men) teased me about this.  It worked though.  The hubs and I came home every day, looked on the fridge, found whatever day we were currently in, and completed the tasks assigned to that day.  Our apartment was pretty darn clean all things considered.  Don’t get me wrong, no house is ever truly as clean as I’d like it to be.  Not my own, not anyone else’s, not even one that’s professionally cleaned.  I can always find something that could be cleaned better (I totally blame my mom for this).  That being said, no one is coming into my home doing the white glove test (except maybe mom). 

Anywho, when we moved into our current living situation we ended up getting a maid as well.  Basically, that means the hubs and I haven’t touched any sort of cleaning instruments since then.  I’m not even sure I know how to turn the vacuum on anymore.  Sad huh?  Well, our living situation is about to change in the sense that we’ll no longer have a maid (sniff sniff) and that means the hubs and I are going to have to become good friends with vacuums and scrub brushes and Pledge and Comet. 

Sooo… that means that the hubs and I need a new chore list.  It also means that the chore list has to change some because we went from a 900sqft apartment to a 2500sqft house with an enormous yard.  Over the last few days I’ve started putting together a chore list but I want to see if I’m missing anything so I’m putting it out there to you guys.  Let me know what you think we’re missing (FYI – we’ll do 1 load of laundry every day and cook/do dishes every day so those aren’t on the list).


  1. Clean Bathrooms (master & powder)
    1. Clean toilet w/ Comet & scrub brush – pour bleach in bowl
    2. Clean shower/tub with Comet & scrub brush
    3. Clean counter tops and sink with LIGHT comet and hot, wet rags
    4. Clean mirrors with Windex
    5. Empty trash cans (upstairs, downstairs & porch)
    6. Vacuum floors (upstairs, downstairs & porch)
    7. Mop floors (hot water only!) (downstairs, upstairs bathroom only)
    8. Mow/edge/sweep or blow front and back yard
    9. Pull weeds / dead head / water & fertilize as needed
    10. Clean kitchen
      1. Clean counter tops and sink with LIGHT comet and hot, wet rags (remove all appliances/knickknacks/etc from countertops first)
      2. Clean microwave (place soaked sponge on a plate, microwave for 2 minutes, then spray inside of microwave with grease remover such as 409 and wipe down w/ a wet rag); remove tray & wash/dry
      3. Clean stove
      4. Clean oven (wipe up any/all crumbs on the bottom of the oven using a wet rag – no other cleaning needed)
      5. Wipe down insides/outsides of small appliances (coffee maker, toaster oven, etc)
      6. Wipe down any other items that ‘live’ on the kitchen counters
      7. Dust
        1. Use pledge for wood surfaces
        2. Use damp rag for all other surfaces including bar top
        3. Wash bed sheets & pillow cases



  1. Clean refrigerator
  2. Clean Upstairs (all items listed in ‘weekly’ above)
  3. Clean ceiling fans & ‘table top’ fans
  4. Clean birdbaths
  5. Vacuum garage & wipe down garage windows
  6. Wash bed duvet cover & mattress pad



  1. Pest control (inside & out)
  2. Clean gutters
  3. Replace AC filter
  4. Vacuum AC vents (in ceiling)
  5. Clean bird feeders
  6. Vacuum mattress & rotate



  1. Wash windows inside & out including blinds & screens
  2. Clean chandelier
  3. Clean freezer(s)
  4. Pull out washer/dryer/refrigerator/big freezer and clean behind them
  5. Wipe down baseboards
  6. Give outdoor furniture a good cleaning
  7. Have AC serviced
  8. Replace batteries in smoke alarms



  1. Have yard aerated
  2. Have mower/weed eater/garden tools serviced
  3. Hose down exterior of house.  Power wash flatwork.
  4. Drain & replace water in water heater

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