Recipe Review: Pimping on a Budget – Spaghetti with Parmesan & Tomato Sauce

Last night I was actually home (thanks to the girl I nanny for being on Spring Break in NYC) so I resumed the tradition that used to be normal in our house… I cooked dinner.  I’d had a coupon a while back for Ragu pasta sauce and I’d purchased some (the sautéed onion and garlic) and it’s been hanging out in our pantry ever since.  I don’t actually use purchased spaghetti sauce for much of anything unless it’s called for in a recipe.  Since I do have some recipes that call for it, I decided to buy it but since I don’t cook much anymore, I decided I needed to use that sucker.  Enter the Pimping on a Budget – Spaghetti with Parmesan & Tomato Sauce recipe provided by Mandy Rivers.  I love the wonderful hystericalness that is written by her.  I totally want Mandy as a friend in real life.  Anywho, we had all of the ingredients on hand (even better) so I got to cookin.

This recipe is super easy which is great for a weeknight meal.  Serve with a salad and garlic bread and you’re set.  You can also choose any kind of jarred spaghetti sauce that floats your boat.  I think next time we’ll try a different kind (it’ll probably be whatever I have a coupon for next).  Everyone liked the dish.  Mom & the hubs both had good things to say.  Peronsally, I thought it was a little salty… then again, I don’t really add salt to anything, ever.  So, for me I would have preferred only adding salt once (either liberally salting the pasta water OR salting the sauce) instead of doing both.  Otherwise, it was tasty and quick… and you really can’t ask for much more on a Monday night. 

Check out the recipe here:


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