How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo? ~ Jacques Plante

It was a pretty good weekend all things considered except for the fact that it marked the end of my week-long vacation from my second job.  I’m so not looking forward to working after work today.  Boo hiss.

Friday night I got together with some wonderful ladies for dinner.  The four of us have a monthly rotating girls night at our various houses.  It’s fun and a good chance to catch up.  It was nice to have some girl time.

Saturday the hubs and I helped my mom move some of her stuff out of the house (my part of helping was assisting in getting the mattress & box spring down the stairs and into the hubs’ truck).  Truthfully the hubs did 98% of the work while I putzed around the house and got a few things accomplished.  The hubs also started tearing out the now dead weed patch (former lawn) in the backyard.  About 5pm we headed out to The Woodlands to celebrate one of my very bestest friends birthdays.  On the way, we stopped at the Sonic by our house to grab a drink for the road.  I got a Dr. Pepper.  It’s the only soda I like and since I don’t drink soda very often (less than once a month) I decided to get one because I LOVE Sonic ice.  Anywho, we made it to the birthday BBQ and had some fun with my girlfriend and her friends and family.  I’m such a lucky girl to have good friends.  Anyway, while we were there I kept eyeballing this hot dog and while my brain wanted it, every time I seriously considered eating it my tummy said ‘nope.’  So, I passed on the hot dog and ate a few grape tomatoes and baby carrots instead.  Well, fast forward 5 hours and the hubs and I are on the way home and basically from the moment I stood up from the chair I’d planted my butt in for the party I knew something was wrong.  I felt nauseous and sort of dizzy.  We’d barely made it out of their subdivision before I told the hubs I might have to pull over to puke.  Fortunately, I made it allll the way home (nearly an hour drive) before I finally lost it.  I spent the next few hours laying on our living room sofa watching reruns of Criminal Minds and repeatedly running to the sink.  No bueno.  Upon reflection the hubs and I realized that the last time we went to Sonic for drinks (a few months ago) I also go violently ill after drinking a Dr. Pepper.  I’ve had Dr. Pepper since then (in cans, other restaurants, etc) so I’m fairly certain it’s not the soda itself… I think it’s the soda fountain at the Sonic by our house.  I think perhaps that their soda lines haven’t been cleaned in a while and they’re growing something that my tummy is definitely not a fan of.  So, it’ll be a looooong time before we go back to that Sonic. 

Sunday I slept in (since I didn’t actually crawl into bed nauseated and drugged up on leftover anti-nausea pills from my kidney stone debacle two years ago until the wee-pre-dawn hours of the morning).  When I woke up I was seriously groggy and the tummy was a little wonky but not nearly as unhappy as the night before.  The hubs was outside laying sod in the backyard (he got a serious gold star this weekend) so I laid on the couch and nursed my icky tummy.  Several puke-free hours later I felt well enough for the hubs and I to go ahead and go to our scheduled date night.  This month, we went to see the Houston Aeros (vs. Oklahoma City) hockey game.  It was fun and a nice way to spend an evening out.  The Aeros even won too (2-1).  It’s like they knew we were there or something.  I even managed to keep down hockey game food which was super nifty.  All in all a very successful date night.

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