“And, all over the state, it’s hot—darned hot. How hot, you ask? Hotter than a stolen tamale. Hotter than a honeymoon hotel. Hotter than a fur coat in Marfa.” ~ found in Texas Monthly

Is anyone else besides me totally torn about the weather changes and early spring we’re getting here in H-town?  I’m thrilled with all of the lovely flowers that are starting to really show their stuff and I’m super excited for swimming weather being right around the corner.  That being said, I sorta feel like we got jipped on our winter this year and I HATE being hot and I’m ALWAYS hot when it’s over 75 degrees.  This morning it was 77 in our house and as I was making my morning smoothie I was literally wiping sweat from my brow.  Grrrr.  See, when you’re cold, you can always add another blanket but when you’re hot… well… there’s only so much clothing you can take off (in public) and only so much that is possible to take off (in private).  And I’m not gonna lie, I’m concerned about just how hot it’s going to get this summer.  I mean, last year we actually had a winter but we still had a zillion days during the summer without rain and over 100 degrees.  This year we didn’t have a winter… so is that a bad omen?  It’s already in the 80s and it’s only March.  I don’t want 80s until May.  We basically lost our entire lawn last year to the drought.  We put down weed n’ feed in one patch last week to kill the weeds and guess what?  There was no actual GRASS under the weeds.  So now we just have dead weeds.  And we have to re-sod.  And I’m wondering if it’s worth it if we’re gonna have another ridiculous drought this year.  Maybe we should just put down fake grass?  Wonder what our HOA rules say about that…

I miss winter.

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