Book Review: Charade by Sandra Brown

Charade by Sandra Brown

I don’t know how Sandra Brown has never been on my radar before considering that I love suspense books and how fabulous of a writer she is.  I absolutely couldn’t put this book down.  I started reading it on Saturday while we were out camping with friends and made it a little more than halfway through.  Sunday night I read the rest except for about 50 pages that I finished on my lunch break Monday.  I cannot wait to read some more of her books.  They are unputdownable.  If you haven’t read her before I highly recommend that you do. 

Here’s the synopsis of the book as provided by Amazon.

A medical miracle gives TV personality Cat Delaney more than a new heart. With her second chance at life Cat trades Hollywood for San Antonio, where she hosts a TV show for children with special needs. Here she meets Alex Pierce, an ex-cop turned crime writer-and the first man to see her as a woman since her surgery. But her new world turns sinister when fatal “accidents” begin killing other heart recipients, and a mysterious stalker starts shadowing her every move. Soon Cat realizes Alex may-or may not-be her most important ally and that her new heart comes at a terrible price: a tangled web of secrets and someone determined to take her life.

A friend loaned me the first Hunger Games book so that’s the next thing that I’m going to read.  I won’t buy it full price and Half Price Books is totally sold out so I’ll have to pick them up at a later date.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to get into the hype about these books.  I mean, I read the Twilight series, long before all the hype started (the first book at least), and they were fantastic.  I’m hoping that these will be just as good or, if nothing else, that the movies will be better because the Twilight movies just didn’t do the books justice in my opinion.

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