“Yes, frosting. The final defense of the dying.” ~ Peeta in The Hunger Games

It’s official.

I’ve been sucked in.

I mentioned before that I read the Twilight books and loved them.  I stumbled onto the first one accidentally long before it became the huge money-maker that it is now.  The Hunger Games, though, is a competely different story.  I hadn’t even heard a whole lot of the hooplah until I heard the movie was coming out.  Guess I’m a bit behind the times.  Anywho, a friend from work loaned me her copy of the first book.  I started it last night at 9pm and I’m already done with it (currently 3:55pm the following day).  So… that’s something like 350 pages in less than 24 hours… and obviously I slept somewhere in there… and went to work… and showered… and ate breakfast… and lunch.  Basically that means I read the book with the same fervor that I read the first Twilight book (like reading half a page at red lights).  In fact, I liked it enough that I’m going to go to Barnes and Noble today after work to pick up the series (something I just swore in a previous post that I wouldn’t do).  I’d posted on my Facebook a couple of days ago that I was thinking about reading the book and lots and lots of my friends chimed in and said that it was great and blah blah.  I truly remember thinking ‘it can’t be that good’ but I was wrong.  It is.  If they stick to the book pretty closely (which most of the reviews I’ve read say that they did) then the movie should be pretty awesome.  I just hope it’s not super gorey.  Anywho, if you haven’t read it you totally should.  It’s worth it.  Then you can become a pod person like the rest of us.  

The Hunger Games (book 1)

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