How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair? ~ Author Unknown

Way back when I started this blog I posted about getting a perm in order to control and simplify the craziness that is my sorta-kinda-not-really curly hair.  Well, it worked.  My hair is much simpler to maintain now that it’s permed.  Of course, I still can’t seem to find the ‘want to’ to actually do anything with it in the morning besides put it up in a bun so I’m not sure that my goal was actually achieved.  I just keep praying that I’ll find the conviction someday to actually care what I look like when I go out in public.  I just haven’t gotten there yet.

On another hair note… I have come to the realization recently that nearly every female I know colors her hair.  I used to color mine.  In fact, for YEARS I went to this amazing colorist and had my hair colored like clockwork every six weeks.  I never did have it colored the same way twice though.  Long and dark, short and really blond, light brown with bright red highlights… you name it, my hair has probably been that color.  A few years ago though I decided that 1, I really like my natural hair color and 2, it’s freaking expensive to have your hair dyed professionally.  So, I stopped dyeing my hair.  In truth, I’ve been really happy with my hair color since then. 

This weekend, however, I took a huge blow to my ego and now it seems I’m going to have to start dyeing my hair again.  I woke up Sunday morning to find the hubs outside working on his truck.  I went out to say good morning and we’re in mid-conversation when suddenly he grabs my chin and turns my head sideways and announces ‘you have GREY HAIR!’  Naturally I denied this and told him it was probably blond hairs that he was seeing (I have a lot of natural blond and red highlights in my hair).  His response was to grab a pair of wire cutters off his truck and cut off one of the offending pieces of hair.  Well I’ll be damned.  It is a grey hair.  Honestly I was kind of in shock and all I could think was ‘crap.’  Genetically speaking, I’m pretty lucky that’s it’s taken me this long to start going grey.  One of my aunts started getting really really grey around the age of 18.  I’ve got ten years on her and it’s just now starting.  Still, no one wants to go grey (except my husband who for some reason is looking forward to it).  I’d much rather be going grey rather than losing my hair though… so I guess that’s something.  But still… it’s official.  I have GREY HAIR (I totally blame the husband for this by the way).  There’s no going back now.  It’s not like I’m going to get any less grey as time goes on.  Ugh.  I guess I better go see if my old colorist is still working in Houston. 

How about the rest of you?  Anyone else age thirty years in a matter of minutes?


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