The heartbeat at my feet

I read something today where someone referred to their dog this way… as ‘the heartbeat at my feet.’  I thought that was so cute.  Remember the other day when I said I had to get better at taking pictures?  Well something happened last night that I totally wish I had on video tape but it happened so fast that even if I’d had one I wouldn’t have been able to catch it. 

Like most dogs, our sweet pup dreams in her sleep.  We’re used to her rabbit chasing and sleep-barks and as she’s gotten older… snoring.  Last night she was curled up on her bed in the living room while we were watching The Voice.  She was doing her rabbit chasing thing when all of a sudden, her tail started wagging.  I mean, we’re talking full on THWAP, THWAP, THWAP! not just a little twitch of the tail.  We all noticed it about the same time and our reaction was all the same – stupid happy grins, giggles, and tears in our eyes.  How awesome is it that I have a dog who is so happy that she wags her tail in her sleep?  I think I’m the happiest pet mama ever right now.


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