Review: Shellac Manicure

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about my first experience getting a shellac manicure.  Well, this weekend I reached my three-week point in which I always go to get a new pedicure.  So, that means it was time to evaluate how the manicure lasted over that three-week period.  I have to say, I’m disappointed.  The manicure didn’t chip but maaaaan did my nails seriously grow out.  Granted because I chose a very light neutral color you couldn’t really tell unless you were actually looking but I could tell.  In fact, it drove me crazy.  After about a week I wanted to take the shellac off.  I resisted though, for the sake of this blog if nothing else.  Although, as you can see, one nail didn’t make it.  Several of them started to peel around the edges by about the second week and I started picking at them and this one just ripped entirely off.  So, will I do this again?  For a special occasion, yes.  For regular ‘weekly wear,’ no.  It doesn’t hold up to the three-week test unfortunately. 

Funny story:  so years ago I drug the hubs out with me to get a pedicure.  Naturally like most men he bitched and moaned the whole way there but once we got there and he sat his butt in the massage chair and they started working on him he fell asleep.  Several times since then I’ve mentioned that I’m going to get a pedicure and he’ll ask if he can come too.  I LOVE the place I go to get my pedicures.  It’s out of the way but I still drive out there because they do a great job.  They know the three of us (me, hubs & mom) by name and always ask about our lives.  We talk about their babies (two girls just had kiddos) and just chit chat the whole time.  They also do an amazing job and are very gentle and CLEAN.  Anywho, usually the hubs gets a manicure instead of a pedicure because with the job he has his hands get brutalized every day and his cuticles split and it’s all very painful.  So, if he gets regular manicures, it helps with all that.  This week however he went with me to get a pedicure.  I honestly can’t remember the last time he got one but apparently it was a while ago because the girl doing his feet was giving him a hard time and teasing him about the state his feet were in.  Honestly, they were pretty freaking bad.  They’re all nice and soft now though.  Guess we’re going to have to add hubby pedicures back into the budget.


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