The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. ~ Author Unknown

I spent another day at the local city animal shelter yesterday.  Here are the babies I got to work with:


Why hello there!  My name’s Theo!  I might look a little funny in my photo because the wonderful staff here had to shave my fur off because it was so matted.  If you’re looking for a great family dog then I’m your man!  I’m a good size for small children and I have enough energy to keep up with them!  I need a good walk every day with my family and will need regular grooming (approximately every 6-8 weeks).  I’m a sweet boy with a lovely personality.  Please come see me today and take me on a sleepover!!!


If you’re looking for a mild mannered girl then look no further!  When all the other dogs are bark-bark-barking I’m standing calmly at my door waiting for someone to come by and give me some lovin!  I’m a very powerful girl and it will take a strong arm to walk me.  I haven’t quite figured out how to heel yet but that’s mostly because I want to RUN.  I’d make a GREAT jogging partner!  Please come see me today and take me on a sleepover (and a morning jog!). 


Hi friends!  My name is Geronimo and I am one super happy dog.  Even when we’re on a walk my tail just wags and wags and wags.  Nothing gets me down!  A guy named Max Eastman who wrote Enjoyment of Laughter said ‘Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.’  We’re pretty sure he might have been talking about me!!!  I’m very receptive to the concept of ‘heel’ and with repetitive training from my human I’ll have this down in no time!  I’d love to go for a long walk or jog with you every day.  I’m good with other dogs too!  Please come see me today! 


Howdy howdy howdy!  My name is Buck and I’m definitely your typical Labrador.  I’m sweet as can be but full of energy and spunk!  I definitely need a jogging partner or acres of room to run!  I LOVE to play fetch with a ball or Frisbee although sometimes I prefer the game of Keep Away because it’s just funny!  I would do best with older children ages 12 and up because even though I’m fully grown I still play like a puppy which means I use my mouth in play a lot.  It’s all in good fun but sometimes I forget how big I am!  If you’re looking for a good ‘ol boy then come see me today! 

I came home bruised, battered, and exhausted but it was totally worth it.


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