Think you had a crazy day? Try this on for size…

First thing Monday morning I learned that a very dear friend of mine suffered a seizure over the weekend.  Upon searching for the cause of the seizure the doctors learned that she has a golf ball sized tumor in her brain.  She’s having surgery Tuesday morning.  My prayers are with her and her family during this time.

I received an email from a friend about Obama and Air Force One.  I won’t go into it because if we’re friends then I forwarded you the email so you already know what I’m talking about.  Long story short I received several emails back saying it wasn’t true blah blah blah.  I’m not surprised the part about the airplane isn’t true.  The part about him traveling more than any other president though?  I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true.  Even if it isn’t it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t stand the guy. 

I left work early Monday to go see a podiatrist.  I’ve been having this pain in my left foot for the last month or so and I finally decided to go have it checked out.  Turns out, I have a neuroma.  If you don’t know, here’s what a neuroma is (as per the Mayo Clinic) “Morton’s neuroma involves a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading to your toes. In some cases, Morton’s neuroma causes a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot. Your toes also may sting, burn or feel numb.”  Solution?  A series of shots in my foot over the next few weeks.  If you know me you know that I basically equate needles with the concept of being burned alive – I’m not a fan.  Also, if you know me you know that when it comes to the concept of ‘fight or flight’ that I’m ALLLL fight.  Basically, this means that when someone has to give me a shot or take blood, they’re in serious risk of getting a black eye.  I don’t faint, I don’t puke… I struggle against the very strong desire to punch someone in the nose and walk out.  Happily for me and the doctor issuing the shot, I didn’t punch anyone.  Yay for self-restraint.  I have to do it all over again in a week too.  Yippee.  (sidenote:  anyone remember that I broke my pinkie toe on my left foot TWICE last year?  Yeah… turns out that sucker is STILL broken!  Craziness!)

At the doctor’s office I received a call from the hubs that his truck broke down and he was stranded on the side of the road.  He’d called AAA and was waiting for the tow truck driver to come tow him to our mechanic.  We think it’s the transmission.  Needless to say I’m less than thrilled with this news. 

Upon finally arriving home I was welcomed by the sound of hacking and coughing – turns out my mom is sick.  Lovely. 

Guess what today is folks?  Mom’s moving day!  That means that movers will be traipsing in and out of our house all day long while my dog goes bananas and mom sniffles and coughs on them.  Oh, and the roofer is coming today to put on a new roof – we’ve been trying to have that done for over a month now but it keeps freaking raining on the days we have it scheduled.  So, that means that there’ll be lots of roofing nails around our house after today.  With my luck, I’ll step on one like I did when I was a child and end up in the ER tonight getting MORE shots in my foot.

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