Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash? ~ Robert Brault

Yesterday was another afternoon spent at the local animal shelter.  I tell you, I love the few hours I get to spend there every week.  Puppy and kitten season are in full swing and this means that shelters around the country are filling up to capacity quick.  This particular shelter is already past capacity!  If you or someone you know has been considering adopting a pet, now is a great time. 

Here are the cuties I spent my day with yesterday:


Hi friends!  My name is Scrappy and I’m an adorable Boxer mix with the cutest little white markings.  Don’t you just love my ‘socks’?  I’m a very friendly pup who responds well to a leash.  I’ll be a great walking companion!  I do bark at other dogs but that’s just because I want to say hi and go play with them.  I have a kennel-mate right now and we’re best friends!  I love to chase balls and Frisbees but I haven’t quite figured out the ‘retrieve’ part yet.  Would you like to teach me?  I’m sure we’d be great friends!  Please come take me on a sleepover today!


What’s up ya’ll?  My name is Popeye and as you can see from my picture I have a beautiful shiny black coat.  You know I have to look good for the ladies right?  I’m a big boy (60+lbs) and all muscle but I walk really well on a leash for a beginner.  I’m responsive to ‘heel’ and if my owner is consistent with it there shouldn’t be any pulling problems.  I’m very calm in my kennel – I don’t bark or jump on the kennel gate.  I love to give kisses and just be loved on.  Please come see me today!


I love you, I love you, I love you!  That’s right, I don’t care who you are but I LOVE YOU!  My name is Homer and I’m the World’s Happiest Dog.  I love EVERYONE!  I’d be a fabulous family dog because I’m such a love bug.  Please give me belly rubs!  I don’t jump on strangers but I do wag my tail!  I do great on a leash and am very responsive to ‘heel’ and will have this down in no time.  Also, I’m good with cats!  If you’re looking for someone to love you unconditionally and play with your mini-humans (I think they’re called kids?) then I’m your man!  Please come see me and take me on a sleep over!!!


Hello, my name is Spencer!  I’m a very calm dog with a relaxed, easy-going personality.  I would do great with a single owner or a couple who lead a quiet, relaxed life.  I walk great on a leash and am good at ‘heel.’  I currently have a kennel mate and we’re great friends but I do need to be introduced to other dogs gently because there are just some dogs that ruffle my feathers.  If you’re looking for a sweet lap dog who wants to take a quiet evening stroll with you then I’m your guy.  Please come see me today!


HIIII!  My name is Jasper and I think I was a leg warmer in my past life.  I want to be in your lap getting loved on or by your side at all times!  I would be great for a retired person or couple who is home most of the day.  I have lots and lots of love to give!  I do well with other dogs, in fact, I have a kennel-mate right now who I get along with great.  I’m such a sweet, handsome boy, won’t you come see me today?


Howdy!  My name is Bethany and I’m a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier.  I’m a very sweet girl who just wants someone to take me on walks and play with me.  Like a lot of terriers, I have what’s called a high prey drive.  This means that I’m not good with other dogs, cats or small children.  I need an adult-only, experienced-owner home where I’m the only pet.  Don’t let my prey drive scare you though, I truly am a wonderful dog.  You’ll get hours of enjoyment watching me chase bugs in the grass too!  Grasshoppers are my favorite!  I respond well when you whistle as a call to ‘come’ and I’m learning to walk on a leash.  I like to give kisses too!  Please come play with me today!    


Hi friends!  My name is LuLu.  Aren’t I a pretty girl?  I need to put on a few pounds but with a loving home and some good, nutritious food I’ll be looking my best in no time.  I am a sweet dog who loves to give kisses and wants to play.  I like to chase balls and Frisbee’s but I haven’t quite figured out the whole ‘retrieve’ thing yet.  Perhaps you could teach me?  I’m good with cats and other dogs.  In fact, I have a kennel-mate now and we’re the best of friends.  It’s unlikely that I’d ever been on a leash before I came to the shelter because I have no idea what this ‘leash thing’ is all about so you’ll need to teach me.  The staff here at the shelter can give you some tips!  I’d love to go on a sleepover with you today!

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