“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I sincerely doubt anyone has forgotten but just in case you got amnesia in the last few months let me remind you… Texas had the drought from hell last year.  Like a lot of people, our lawn definitely suffered because of it.  We lost a lot of our grass and then this spring, when the weeds took over, there was no actual grass to prevent them from a total domination.  Then, about a month later when we put down weed & feed we ended up with nothing but large dirt patches in some places where the weeds died but there was no grass.  Our poor yard looks like the head of a three-year old who found his dads clippers.  A few weeks ago when we were working on our first landscape project I was sitting on the ground planting the new plants and kept complaining to my husband about how freaking hard the ground was and how sore my butt was getting.  That’s when we decided that this year, we are going to save our lawn.  The first step, we realized, is to make sure that we water consistently and evenly.  Lawns should get 1” of water per week but not all in one watering.  We decided that we should break everything into sections and water four sections per day (30-minutes per section).  With the number of sections we have, that means everything gets watered once every four days.  Works for us.  So, how do you make a watering schedule you ask?  I’m about to show you.  No laughing at my horrible drawing skills though.  I’m definitely not the artistic one in the family.

Front yard:


Back yard:

I said no laughing.

Basically the idea is to break your lawn up into sections that will get covered with the spray from the sprinkler each time you water that area. 

So far we’ve lived with this for about two weeks and we like it.  We bought a different sprinkler head and it’s much wider so we think we might be able to combine a few spots in the front yard.  Regardless, it’s working pretty well.  So far, Mother Nature has been helping along too – we’ve gotten at least one good rain each week.  There’s no rain in the forecast this week though so we’ll definitely start up our watering schedule today.  I’m seriously hoping that this watering schedule will help us out this year.  We either forget to water for weeks on end or we water every day for a month and give everything root-rot.  How about you guys?  You have any watering schedule tricks?

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