Conversations with aging parents…

I love my parents but it is kind of strange that they’re basically old enough to be my grandparents.  It was a bit odd growing up and being two generations apart instead of one.  I totally get why they waited to have kids (or kid in this case).  They traveled, saw the world, had FUN… and then had me (and it all went to hell… just kidding).  It’s interesting though, going through life in my twenties with parents who are in their seventies (my dad) and sixties (my mom).  I get to have conversations like this… 

Let’s set the stage. 

Here’s a picture of my wonderful husband:

Here’s the picture that one of his relatives posted on Facebook:

Here’s the conversation with my mom that ensued:

ME: Thought you’d like this… one of Husbands relatives posted this on Facebook today.  Isn’t my husband ADORABLE!?!?!

MOM: Don’t really get it.  Who is saying “Isn’t my husband adorable?”


MOM: Now I REALLY DON’T get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME: Oh my god, mom, it’s so not that complicated. Someone posted THE PICTURE on Facebook.  It’s a picture of my husband, his brother, and their grandfather. Doesn’t He (my husband) look ADORABLE in the photo?

MOM:  Well, It is complicated when you have no idea who these people are.  There is NO way I would have recognized Husband and I have never seen his brother (not true btw, he’s been to our house before) or their grandfather.  Why in heavens name would you think I would know these people?????????????

ME: Are you crazy?  Husband looks EXACTLY THE SAME – just 25 years older!  You’re bananas.  Even G (work friend), who has met Husband all of ONCE recognized him.  I love you.  You need new glasses.

2 responses to “Conversations with aging parents…

  1. Jane Hardee

    Well young person (daughter) Even my older friend DK did not know who was in the pix and thought the boy on the left was a girl…. So there (from old person..Mom)

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