April Date Night

So this weekend was crazy busy but as I told a friend, I’m relatively certain that’s just the new norm for our lives.  The hubs and I make a good team though.  We knocked out quite a lot in one day. 

Saturday night we took some time out to just hang out and spend some time together.  We schedule one date night a month every month without fail.  We usually book the weekend in advance just to be certain not to book anything else on top of it.  We allow ourselves a budget of $50 to spend on the date night.  Well, we’ve saved some money over the last few dates so we had some extra $$$ in our date night envelope.  We decided to forego the original date night plan (which I can’t tell you what it was because the husband doesn’t know what it was and I don’t want to risk ruining the surprise) and instead we went for the good old standard… dinner and a movie.  The hubs and I love to go see movies and haven’t been in quite a while so we headed out to Benihana’s for dinner and then went to go see The Raven.  Benihana’s was WONDERFUL, as always.  It’s hands down one of our favorite places to eat.  I’d been craving it for a while too so I’m super happy that we got the chance to go.  There’s only one thing I don’t like about Benihana’s and that’s the price.  I always get the same thing… the Hibachi Chicken.  If you go for dinner the price of the Hibachi Chicken (at our local Benihana’s) is $17.60.  However, if you go for lunch instead and order the EXACT SAME ITEM it’s $9.50.  As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely zero difference between the dinner and the lunch items.  Even the portion size is the same.  With both you get a salad, onion soup (which is to die for), a grilled shrimp appetizer (which I give to the husband), grilled onions and zucchini, fried rice, and, in my case, my grilled hibachi chicken with mushrooms.  That’s A LOT of food.  Truthfully I don’t mind paying $17.60 for all that.  What erks me is the fact that there’s an $8.10 difference in price just because of the time of day.  Usually if the hubs and I are going to head to Benihana’s we try to hit it up during lunch hours.  It didn’t work out that way this time though.  Either way, the food was AMAZING. 

After dinner we went to the nearby movie theatre to watch The Raven.  I like scary movies but I’m not a fan of gore so this was right up my alley.  In truth, it’s not really a scary movie.  Nothing jumps out and says ‘boo.’  It’s really more of a thriller.  And, fortunately, there’s very little gore.  There was a part or two where I looked away and plugged my ears (it’s really the SOUND that the gory scenes make that bothers me most) but nothing major.  It’s not like trying to watch Saw III (I and II I could watch but there’s a scene in III that will haunt me until the day I die).  The hubs and I both thought the movie was really well done.  We also thought that John Cusack did a great job (which is impressive considering that I can’t name a single other movie he’s even been in, much less that I’ve liked, which is generally a sign that I’m not a fan).  (Sidenote – I just checked IMDB  to see what other movies he’s been in and he did star in Runaway Jury & Con Air, both of which I loved).  Anyway, the movie was really enjoyable and I definitely recommend that you watch it.  … But (there’s always a but isn’t there)… I might recommend that you watch it at home.  Sometimes, I don’t know why the hubs and I go to the theatre.  Not too long ago we went to a different theatre and a HUGE cockroach was flying around right in front of us.  I HATE BUGS and that totally freaked me out and we haven’t been back to that theatre since… and probably won’t for a long long long time.    Fortunately there were no cockroaches this time but man-oh-man that does not mean that I didn’t want to smack the lady next to me with my shoe.  Fortunately for her, there were three seats between us and my arms aren’t that long.  This lady, and her husband, boyfriend, pimp, whatever he was, found the need to have commentary during the ENTIRE MOVIE.  It’s not a football game people.  I don’t care about your opinion.  If you really need to chat, then at least have the decency to whisper.  She also apparently had popcorn kernels stuck in her teeth.  How do I know that you wonder?  Because she was making these God-awful teeth-sucking noises for about 30 minutes.  Maybe I should have gotten her number in case I ever need someone to siphon gas out of my car or something.  Anyway, after about 45 minutes of this I turned to the hubs and told him I needed a gun.  Being the wonderful, amazing, incredible man that he is, he offered to switch seats with me because that’s just the kind of guy he is (or, perhaps, and maybe more likely, he just didn’t want to have to bail me out of jail).  So, we switched.  Strangely having him on the opposite side of me really helped.  I’m not sure if it’s because he blocked some of the sound or because I knew my chances of crawling over him to crack her head open weren’t good.  Either way, it helped.  HOWEVER, about 10 minutes before the movie was over I looked over in her direction and noticed that she’d taken her shoes off and proceeded to put her nasty, crusty feet on the back of the chair in front of her… with someone SITTING IN IT!  Now, if this had been me (the person in front of her) there would have been no restraining me.  I don’t even have a problem with feet.  I have a problem with rude, disrespectful people.  She qualifies.  I’m super glad that it wasn’t me sitting in front of her or else the hubs probably would have had to bail me out of jail.  I think the hubs and I are probably going to stick to our matinee movies and lunches out for the most part.  The people are nicer and the food is cheaper.  It’s a win win. 

Anyone else see any good movies this weekend?  Have any to-die-for food?


5 responses to “April Date Night

  1. Heather

    I saw Five Year Engagement with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt and it was really stupid. There were two or three good parts that were quickly ruined by something stupid that was said. I’m glad I went early and only paid $5 to see it. It was dumb!

    • This kinda cracks me up because someone else I know went to see the movie and said they loved it. I’m just not a fan of what I call ‘stupid comedy’ so I think I’d probably be in your camp on this one. Sorry you wasted your money. I really thought The Raven was worth it though.

  2. Lindsey

    Jared and I went to see The Raven also, and we loved it. There is something about a movie theatre on a Friday or Saturday night that just seems to bring out the worst in people! We only go to Alamo Drafthouse for the most part because we can get dinner during the movie, and they have a pretty strict no talking policy so you can tell your watier if someone is being loud.

    • We might seriously have to start going there. I didn’t even talk about the lady in front of us who texted for the first 30 minutes of the movie and blinded me with the brightness of her phone. Grrr. It honestly took every ounce of self control that I possess to not totally lose it on these people.

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