Unexpected Visitor

So we had a little unexpected visitor at our house last night.

Meet Mr. Cheeps (yes, we named him).  Sorry for the crummy picture but it really needed a flash and I just didn’t want to scare the bajesus out of the poor baby so I didn’t use it. 

This sweet little guy (gal?) was just hanging out on our front stoop at 10:30pm.  The hubs noticed him when he took the pup out to do her business and when he was coming back in the door, he saw this dark lump in the corner.  At first, he thought it was a big frog since we have several that live under the stoop.  Upon closer inspection though, he realized this little guy was definitely not a frog.  He called me over to come take a look and asked me what we should do.  I immediately thought of our two neighbors and the fact that they BOTH have outdoor cats.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of this guy being a midnight snack.  So, we grabbed a small dish towel and a large box and the little guy spent the night with us.  And we didn’t eat him.  I promise. 

He’s a fledgling Blue Jay and my best guess is that he was attempting to take his first flight and went seriously off course.  He let me pick him up without fighting me at all which leads me to believe that he can’t fly all that well or might have injured himself (although there were no apparent injuries).  I looked and looked for his mama or papa but didn’t see or hear anything.  I haven’t seen a Blue Jay in our yard for quite a while since we stopped feeding the birds when mom moved out so my guess is, like I previously mentioned, he’s rather far from home. 

He seemed content in his box when I checked on him this morning.  I couldn’t tell if he ate any of the bread that we left him or drank the water but he did leave me a ‘present’ so I’m hoping that means he both ate and drank.  We went for a little ride in my car this morning which he was not happy about.  It was the first time I heard him make a sound in nearly twelve hours and Mr. Cheeps cheeped the whole ride long.  I dropped him off at the local animal shelter (the one where I volunteer each week) and I’m sure that they’ll take good care of him and get him nursed back to health and when he’s ready, they’ll release him back into the wild.


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