I like a bit of mongrel myself, whether it’s a man or a dog; they’re the best for everyday. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Hi all!  It was another fulfilling day at the local animal shelter.  I know I mostly post about dogs on here but please note that kitten season is in full swing and shelters across the country are flooded with them.  There were over a dozen small kittens available at this one shelter alone.  If you’ve ever considered getting a cat, now is the time! 

Here are the babies I worked with…


Howdy ya’ll!  My name is Gator and I’m a Basset Hound mix.  Like most Basset’s I am completely scent driven.  This means that I definitely need a fenced in yard because I’ll want to investigate any good smells outside my home.  I need a good walk every day but you’ll need to teach me to heel.  I’m pretty strong too so you’ll need a good arm!  I am super friendly and would love to have kids to play with.  I even know the command ‘sit’!  Please come down and take me on a sleep over today!


Aren’t I just the sweetest little girl you ever did see?  I am so incredibly sweet I might just melt when it rains.  I get along great with other dogs and would probably be ok with cats too.  I don’t know the command ‘heel’ but I’m very easy to walk.  I even know how to sit on command!  I’d be great for a family or for an older person who wants a quiet, loving companion.  I’m even apartment sized!  I will need a good brushing a few times a week and to be taken to the groomer approximately every six weeks.  Please come see me today!!


I have a big, sassy girl attitude all wrapped up in a pint-sized package.  I like some dogs but I prefer them to be small like me.  I’m not afraid of anything and I think I should be wearing diamonds or pearls to showcase the diva I am.  I’m very sweet but I would prefer not to be picked up which means I would do better with older children.  Won’t you come take me on a sleep over today?


Hidey ho neighbor!  My name is Tracker and I’m a hound mix.  I walk great at ‘heel’ and even know how to sit on command!  I like other dogs and would love to have a forever home of my own.  I’d be good with kids and just need a 30-minute walk twice a day to keep my energy level in check.  Please come see me today!


Hi there!  I’m Sally!  I’m a Husky mix which means that in this Texas heat I definitely need to be an inside dog.  I need access to a yard for bathroom breaks but otherwise I want to be lounging in the AC.  I’m not really a fan of other dogs so I’d prefer to be in an only dog household.  I’m a great leash-walker, I don’t pull AT ALL!  I know the commands ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ too!  Won’t you please come see me today?



Hi friends!  My name is Mia.  Aren’t I cute?  I have the cutest little white moustache.  I am super loveable and would love to snuggle with you and be petted all day.  I’m not crazy about being picked up though so I would do best with older children.  I have a spunky personality and definitely am energetic so I need a lot of play time to keep me entertained.  Having lots of toys or another cat are some ways to accommodate those needs.  Please come take me on a sleep over today!


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