Duct tape: Because sometimes… you split your pants

So the other day I got this text from the Husband: CRAP!  I just split the crotch of my pants wide open! 

Turns out, he was working on a construction site, stepped into a hole and apparently his pants weren’t stretchy enough and they ripped straight up the crotch.  He had a service call in a homeowners house that he had to go to and he called me because he wasn’t sure what to do (he doesn’t carry a spare pair of pants with him or anything).  In a fit of genius, I told him to go to the nearest gas station bathroom, take his pants off, duct tape them closed from the insides, and then put them back on.  He did.  And it worked.  …  Mostly. 

He says there’s definitely some leg hair missing from this little experiment but it kept him from going to jail for indecent exposure so as far as I’m concerned it was worth the price.


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