A little bit of retail therapy

So the other day on a whim I decided to take a trip to one of the three nearby Goodwill stores for a little retail therapy.  Man did I get a serious haul.  For the most part I know exactly what I’m doing with this stuff but there are a few ‘I dunno’s’ in there too. 

Wanna see my goods? 

Let’s go left to right shall we? 

Up top we have a pretty blue makeup case.  This thing is quite a good size and in fantastic condition.  It was also only $3.  Now, I don’t need a makeup case (not that I’m not considering using it for my upcoming vacay) but I thought it’d make a fantastic gift for a young girl – fill it with makeup, nailpolish, cute hair thingies and voila!  Right now, we don’t have any young girls in our life but since all my friends are either pregnant, talking about getting pregnant, or just were pregnant I figure we’ll have a ton in no time. 

In front of the makeup case is this nifty glass windchime.  I have zero plans on using it as a windchime though.  I just couldn’t pass it up at $2.  I’m not sure what lies in this little guy’s future but he might end up as Christmas ornaments.  Time will tell.

Up top next to the makeup case is an old wooden ice bucket.  I have seriously lofty plans for this sucker that involve paint and stenciling (which I’ve never done before).  It could be a total disaster but who knows.  Right now, I can’t even find the freaking stencil I want to use on sale ANYWHERE.  Maybe that’s a sign.

In front are two small salt and pepper shakers that I like to keep on hand for when I make homemade spice rubs.  At $0.59 they were cheaper than the ones I normally get at the $0.99 store so I grabbed them.

Anyone who has been in IKEA in the last few years will know exactly what the next items are… ice cube trays!  We use the ones that make long spheres to put in the Husband’s water bottles for work and the others I plan to use for parties and such. 

In front of the ice bucket is the cutest little owl.  He’s solid as all get out too.  I’m not sure what he’s made of, a hunk of marble maybe?  Who knows.  He’s adorable and I had to have him.  He needs a name though… any ideas?  Mr. Cheeps is taken.

In front of the owl is a set of patriotic cards which I plan to use for the 4th of July.

Next to the ice bucket is a plain plastic shoebox.  I got this for mom.  She uses these suckers for her shoes in her new place and they can be kind of expensive sometimes so for $0.99 I snagged it.

There’s also a set of small Christmas plates.  One says ‘be merry’ and the other says ‘be bright.’  I always snag anything Christmas-y that catches my eye.  I love to entertain and these guys will get great use over the next few years I’m sure.

There’s also two ‘learn to cross stitch’ kits that I found – one is a whale and the other is Noah’s ark.  I’ve always wanted to learn this craft so I’m super excited about these.  If they turn out even remotely half decent I have plans to put these babies on bibs.

Next to the shoe box is this little mini-purse/wooden trunk thing.  He’s trimmed in wood but the middle silver section and the darker sections on either side are acutally metal.  He’s pretty nifty looking.  I purchased some antique looking trunks from Michael’s the other day and he matches with them pretty well so I’m sure they’ll end up grouped together somehow eventually.

In front of him there’s a set of 3 mirrors.  I’m definitely going to paint the ‘trim’ around the edges but I thought these guys were really cute.

I also picked up a plastic old-timey looking popcorn container.  I have great hopes of doing a movie-themed party at my house at some point so he’ll get used then if not before.

Right in front of the popcorn holder there’s a set of small organizers for things like beads, sequins and what not that I’ll use in my craft office.

Last but not least there’s a brass candle holder that has stars cut out of it.  I’m relatively certain I bought this guys twin a few years back at another Goodwill and that he’s hiding somewhere in my storage closet.  He matches this gorgeous set of cobalt blue and gold plates that my mom has and I plan to eventually have a dinner party using them.

The item I’m most excited about though, is this:

He’s an outdoor fire grate but we don’t have an outdoor fireplace/pit nor do I intend to use him for his original purpose.  I have fabulous plans for this piece and I cannot wait to show you.  EEEK! 

Now, first things first I’ve got to get working on 3 other pieces that I’ve had on hand for weeks now that are still waiting to be transformed into their new glory.  I need more hours in the day.


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