”I bought a Venus Fly Trap today. I was going to name it ‘Republican’, but the fly trap is beneficial to the environment. I’ll save that name – someday I might find a plant that eats poor people and minorities.” ~ Unknown

Before you get your panties in a knot I want to clarify that 1, I found the quotation funny and 2, it’s about the only quotation out there about Venus Flytraps.  If you know me, you know I’m a Republican.  I’m about as right wing as it gets EXCEPT on environmental issues.  Then I swing left.  Part of the humor with this is that I voted the other day and the Republican line was out the door and there wasn’t a single person in the Democratic line. 

So when the Hubs and I were out shopping the other day for various landscaping items we came across a Venus Flytrap.  I thought he was quite nifty but we ultimately decided not to buy him as I didn’t know squat about their care.  Over the next few days I researched their needs on this website.  Here’s the gist:  they like a lot of light, moist but not wet soil (and you must water with distilled water only), absolutely no fertilizer, and loose soil.  Sounds easy enough right?  About a month later we were wandering through Lowe’s and we spotted another one.  This time, I picked him up. 

Apparently, Venus Flytrap’s don’t like for their soil to warm up or cool down too quickly so based on recommendations on the aforementioned website I got a Styrofoam cup, cut the top off, punched holes in the bottom, and placed the sucker in a terra cotta pot.  Then I filled it with a combination of plain ol’ potting soil, vermiculite (seed starter mix), peat moss and moisture granules (I placed some light pebbles on top to hold down the peat moss). 

He did great for the first few days and then suddenly one of his ‘mouths’ turned black.  Apparently this can happen from too much light, too little light, and even a ‘bad bug’ (one laden with pesticides, etc).  In this case, I’m fairly certain it’s a light related issue.  This little guy was living in a small shelf in the interior gardening section of Lowe’s and after I planted him I just stuck him right outside in partial sun.  basically, I think it was just a shock to his system.  So, I haven’t changed anything and the situation isn’t getting better or worse.  I’m going to leave it as is unless it starts getting worse. 

I haven’t seen Chomper (that’s his name btw) chow down on anything yet but I’m definitely watching out for it!  Here’s hoping he eats some mosquitos!!!

Here’s our little guy:


2 responses to “”I bought a Venus Fly Trap today. I was going to name it ‘Republican’, but the fly trap is beneficial to the environment. I’ll save that name – someday I might find a plant that eats poor people and minorities.” ~ Unknown

  1. Heather

    hmmm.. this is very interesting. So this is a good plant to help with the mosquitos outside? I’m going to look at that website for more info. We just threw away a plant we received for our housewarming because we never re-potted or re-soiled it so it started to stink. This plant seems very low key and our back patio is pretty shaded so that would probably be a good spot for it.

  2. I don’t honestly think that it’d do much to control the mosquito population unless you planted an entire bed full of them. However, one or two less mosquitos is happy-dance inducing for me. 🙂 These guys are definitely a bit finicky (like you have to water them with distilled water and they HATE fertilizer) so I definitely recommend reading the information on the website listed above. Good luck!

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