Holy Poop!

Hi friends! 

I’ve gotta tell ya, there’s some serious happy dancing going on over here right now.

I have some great news!

So I’ve been writing this blog since September 1, 2011.  I can’t believe it’s already been 9.5 months.  Craziness! 

I’m loving the way the blog has evolved and how I’m feeling much more secure about what I write instead of lost and confused. 

I’m also growing the blog in a few ways.  I’ve been linking up some of my crafty ideas or my recipes to other blogs who host ‘parties.’  The whole idea of a party is that the blog host has you link up your creative ideas and you as a viewer can go see all of these great ideas in one place.  I’ve linked up a few times and something MAGICAL happened to me today. 

A while back I posted about my nifty Christmas decoration turned planter and I linked up the idea to a few parties.  One of those parties was hosted through a blog called Creatively Living Outside the Box.  She hosts a party like this weekly and then goes through all of the entries (there are HUNDREDS sometimes) and selects her favorites each week.  Would you believe that I was selected as one this last week? EEK!  I’m SOOOO excited.  The fact that a well-established crafty blogger thought my ‘invention’ was worth mentioning totally geeks me out.  And, I have to admit, there’s a huge sigh of relief too.  Someone noticed me.  I’ve been writing this blog for nearly ten months and someone noticed.  And it’s not someone I know either.  Of course my mom reads the blog and so do some of my friends and while I’m sure the wonderful Mrs. Katie from Creatively Living isn’t reading my blog on a daily basis she still took the time to check out my entry to her blog party and thought it was worth sharing with all of her followers.  I’m THRILLED. 


You should totally check out Creatively Living Outside the Box where you’ll see nifty stuff like:

Crib to Note Holder

Wine Jugs and Jute

Stencil Rug Tutorial (would you believe this started out as a plain tan berber-style rug??)

3 responses to “Holy Poop!

  1. Katie

    Yay for you!!!

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