Window Shopping Wednesday – Jessica London

Do you guys ever just get the urge to go shopping?  I do.  Not all the time or anything but it definitely does happen.  I’m not a good window shopper though.  I can’t just stroll past a store with tons of cute things and not buy something.  I don’t have the willpower.  However, for some reason I don’t have that problem with online shopping nearly as much.  I’m able to see something that I think is adorable and then really weigh the pros and cons and the price.  Most of the time, unless it’s a serious steal or I just ‘have’ to have it I manage to walk away without purchasing anything.

Recently I’ve been wrestling with the desire to do some clothes shopping.  I thought perhaps I should do some window shopping first via the World Wide Web to see if there’s anything out there worth my time and hard earned cash.  This method works great for someone such as myself who is on a very limited budget.

This idea has spawned a new weekly feature I’m going to try out called Window Shopping Wednesday.  Each Wednesday I’m going to check out a different online shop (clothing, crafts, home goods, just about anything!) and pick out a few favorites to showcase.  I hope you’ll enjoy this!  Please leave comments to let me know!

This weeks featured shop:  Jessica London

I’m loving this Ruffle Hem Dress by La Redoute.  I think what I love most is actually the way that they’ve put this entire outfit together – the cardi w/ the fabulous necklace and the low slug rope belt.  I just wish I could wear my hair that short and look that gorgeous.

This Leather Jacket With Zip Cuffs comes in multiple colors including this Sunflower yellow (shown below), Apple Red, Avocado Green, Grey and Black.  Again, I love the pairing of the bright jacket with jeans and a simple white tee with a great scarf and sunglasses to top it off.

Isn’t this Tiered Skirt fun?  I love how you could easily pair this with a tank or cardi and some heeled sandals for a day at the office or you could pair it with a slinky sparkly top and some strappy heels for a night out on the town.

Don’t you just love this soft, sexy, feminine Macramé Neck Tee?  You could pair this with slacks and a blazer for the office or with jeans and sandals for a weekend excursion.  I loooove the idea of pairing this top (in white) with white slacks.  Summer chic at it’s best!

I realize it’s probably hard to think about coats right about now but considering that I just got back from vacation somewhere where it’s still in the 30’s at night AND the fact that that now is the time to get amazing deals on winter clothing I just couldn’t pass this beauty up.

I’m totally not a nightgown girl.  Give me capris and tanks any day.  If you are though, wouldn’t you (ok, maybe not you but definitely your significant other) rather wear this Lace Top Chemise by Amourese instead of a ‘granny gown’?  This top still provides plenty of coverage and it looks super comfy but it doesn’t look like a potato sack either.  Your husband will thank me.

Thanks for window shopping with me!


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