Window Shopping Wednesday – Z Gallerie (furniture)

So my office is in a multi-use space that has our local city hall, lots of restaurants and shops, office space (obviously) and even some really expensive condos.  It’s a nifty little area and I’m very happy to work here.  One of the shops nearby is Z Gallerie and honestly, it’s just torture to drive/walk by every day and not go in and spend my entire paycheck (and my Husbands).  I walked by today and nearly had to physically restrain myself.  I loooove their stuff.  So, in order to save my checkbook I figured we’d go perusing today.

This weeks featured shop:  Z Gallerie (the furniture section)

I love the classic lines of this Pauline Sofa and it’s available in grey (my preferred sofa color). It even has nailhead trim.  Swoon.

This Oscar Sofa is outstanding as well.  Sadly, it’s only available in white which would never work in our house.  I just adore those rolled arms, the tufted seat (and more nailhead trim!).

I realize chevron is all the rage right now and that it may be getting old to some of you and that more than likely it will eventually go out of style.  Until then though, I’m loving this Storage Bench in Zig Zag.

I like the sleek and somewhat feminine lines of this Cosmopolitan End Table.  Also, since it’s glass, it doesn’t take up much visual space so you could use it just about anywhere.

I love mirrored furniture.  It adds great light and texture to a room.  I wouldn’t use it for something that you use multiple times a day though or you’d be super frustrated with the fingerprints.  Using this Borghese Mirrored Side Chest as an end table would be a great way to incorporate a piece like this.

I’m of the opinion that if you have a formal dining room, it should be exactly that… formal.  I have so much fun dressing up our dining room table for special occasions.  These Lola Side Chairs add just the right amount of glam without being overpowering.

I think these Hyacinth Chairs would add an amazing amount of texture to a room.  I’d use these in the breakfast area.  I would definitely add some plush cushions to pad the bottoms.

I have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over this Chambers Chaise for quite a while now.  I want so badly to put this in our master bedroom.  It’d also be amazing in a sunroom if you have one.

These Bailey Chairs would make great little occasional chairs.  Since they don’t have arms, they appear to be smaller visually than they actually are which means they’d fit well into small rooms.  There are several fabric patterns to choose from including Linx (shown), Zig Zag (in a mustardy yellow), Zig Zag (in black), and Zebra (in a light grey).

Doesn’t this Colonial Accent Chair just scream ‘come sit on me with a book and a glass of lemonade!’  Yes please!

Confession.  I’ve been eyeballing these Cuddler Chairs  for about five years now.  Even the Husband knows that I absolutely *HAVE TO HAVE ONE*!!!!  This would be my all-time favorite reading spot in the house.

I L-O-V-E this Victoria Sleigh Bed.  It needs to come home with me right now!  Husband says it’s “too girly” but fortunately for me we agreed a loooong time ago that he gets to decorate/organize the garage and his office any way he wants but that the rest of the house is MINE!  Come to mama!

I’m fairly certain I just virtually spent six months’ worth of my salary but wouldn’t my house be just fabulous?


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