July Date Night

(photos totally not taken by me)

For our date night this month I decided to take the Husband out to Houston Motorsports Park for a little NASCAR racing.  Neither of us are really NASCAR fans but let’s be real here… do you know a single guy who isn’t thrilled at the idea of fast cars and the possibility of serious car carnage?  Nah, me neither.

Even though I possess absolutely zero Y chromosomes I have to say that I enjoyed this outing a lot.  It was H-O-T but hello, we live in TEXAS.  It’s basically always hot.  Fortunately there was a wonderful breeze that kept us from absolutely frying.  I knew enough about this place (having been there before) to know to bring stadium seats (you know, the foam kind so that your butt isn’t numb 30 minutes in) and most importantly, EAR PLUGS.  I have sensitive ears and having made the mistake of going to this type of event without ear plugs before, I was not about to repeat that disaster.  Not only did I bring ear plugs, I brought two types!  Foam and silicone!  And I even had enough to share with the family in front of us who didn’t have any for their young child. 

Here’s the great thing about HMP… it’s totally affordable and family friendly.  Tickets are $12 for adults and kids 12 and under are FREE.  When we went they were also doing $1 specials on beer, soda, and hot dogs.  This means that your family of 4 can go out and each get a drink and a hot dog and a ticket for a total of $32 or $8pp.  That’s less than a movie ticket people!  Even better?  If you don’t want to pay $1 for their specials you can bring your own food!  You can’t bring in coolers or grills but I saw tons of people with bags stuffed full of food and drinks (and you could always hide the cooler in your car and just take turns going out to get refills).  The show we went to had two parts with an intermission in between.  During intermission, they even bring out all the cars & their drivers so that spectators can go out on the track to talk to them and ooh and ahh over the cars.  What little boy wouldn’t absolutely love this?  I saw a small boy, maybe 6 or so, wearing a Cars shirt and absolutely jumping up and down and freaking out when he realized he could go out there and touch the cars.  It made me think of my oldest nephew who’s a total Cars fanatic.  He would LOVE to do something like that.  We’re definitely going to have to add it to the list of things to do when my stepsis and family come back in town. 

There was a pretty fair amount of car carnage.  One car wrecked pretty bad and started spewing gasoline backwards onto the windshield of the car behind it.  The car in front sparked and the whole thing caught fire.  Fortunately no one was injured but suffice it to say those cars didn’t race anymore than night.  There were several other fender benders and various needs for the caution flag to come out but when we left at intermission every person (not every car) was still in one piece.

Have you done anything fun with your hunny lately?  Have any suggestions for future date nights for the Hubs and me?


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