Book Review: Bloodline by Maggie Shayne

So this book is yet another random vampire book that I picked up somewhere along the way.  I’d never heard of Maggie Shayne  before and I’m fairly certain that I don’t own any of her other books

Technically this is a romance book but it’s not just chock-full of steamy sex scenes.  Although at one point the two main characters do fall asleep still ‘joined’ if you get my drift.  Call me crazy but I just don’t think that’s a particularly comfortable way to get my eight hours of beauty sleep. 

I think the idea behind this story is sound and provocative.  It definitely had much more potential than what was actually written.  It’s not a total loss or anything, I just wanted more backstory.  The details on The Farm and the DPI (the Division of Paranormal Investigations) are lacking at best.  There’s so much more there that Shayne just didn’t delve into.  I mentioned this to a friend and she said ‘that’s what happens when editors get involved.’  As far as I know, she could be right.  It could be that the information I’m seeking was in there originally and it was edited out because it was superfluous.  Who knows.  I’m not a writer (this blog withstanding) and I’m sure as heck not an editor.  It was an interesting read but it wasn’t good enough to provoke me to read any of her other books. 

What about you?  Have you read any other Maggie Shayne books?  Am I passing judgment too quickly?

Here’s a synopsis of the book from Barnes & Noble

Lilith awakens cold, naked and alone, knowing nothing—not even who she is—except that she has to run, run for her life because someone is after her.

When Ethan discovers the terrified woman hiding on his ranch, he knows immediately not only who she is, but what. He’s never forgotten her, not in all the time since he escaped their joint prison, a clandestine CIA facility where humans are bred into vampires willing to kill on command. He refused to accept that fate, and since he won his freedom he’s become a legend to those he left behind. With her own escape, Lilith has become a legend, too, and now—together—they have no choice but to fight those who would become a legend by killing one.


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