Window Shopping Wednesday – Z Gallerie (art and mirrors)

So last week we looked at Z Gallerie’s furniture department and if you remember, we found lots of lovely goodies.  This week I thought we’d peruse the extensive art & mirror department of Z Gallerie.  You with me?

This weeks featured shop:  Z Gallerie (art and mirrors)

How could you not love this Love Eye Chart?  I mean, what girl wouldn’t love getting this as a gift from her hunny?  Guys if you’re in need of a gift for your girl, this is it!

I’m really into blues and teals right now and I think this piece entitled Dynamic 4 is just stunning.

I grew up with a love of horses.  It runs in the family actually.  All of the females on my dad’s side of the family are horse obsessed.  This amazing Winter Stallion giclee is just exquisite.

I think this little pair of paintings (Little Wren 1  and Little Wren 2) is just precious.  I’d love to have these for my office.

Speaking of pairs of prints, what do you think of this pair (Purple Dahlia 1  and Purple Dahlia 2)?  I love jewel tones so these really speak to me.  I think these would be amazing in a master bedroom or dining room.  They’re definitely statement pieces in my book.

I think this Conserve Water print is adorable.  I’d definitely put this in a guest bathroom.  Perhaps I love it because of my swimming background?  Who knows.  It’s super cute.

Talk about a statement piece!  This Sienna Mirror  would catch just about anyone’s eye.  Personally I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to look at your fantastic self in a mirror then the mirror should be just as fantastic as you are.  This piece totally rocks!  At an impressive 45” square (that’s nearly 4’ people!) I’d loooove to have this in a grand entry way.  Just stunning!

If you’re into the whole Greek Key design then this Mykonos Mirror is totally for you.  It’ll definitely draw you in visually but it’s not super feminine so it’d go well in just about any décor.

I loooooove this Montclair Mirror!  A mirror made to look like a window?  Heck yeah!  If you had a dark dining room with no windows I would line three of these beauties up in a row along one long wall – it’d lighten the space and give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

This Timber Mirror has a very masculine look to it but I still think it’s super sexy.  If I had a big walk in closet I’d definitely put this big boy in there.  Or if you had a room that you really needed to add some height to, you could definitely set this guy up!

Thanks for window shopping with me today!  What’s your favorite piece?

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