Trundle Coffee Table

What do you think of this Trundle Coffee Table from Ana White

I’ve gotta tell you, at first I wasn’t all that impressed.  She calls this her “20 Second Tidy Up Coffee Table” which I totally get, especially if you have kids.  However, I don’t have kids.  Well, I do, but she’s the four-legged & furry variety.  But that’s when inspiration struck!  If you have a dog I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… we have a box of her toys in one room and by the end of the day, it’s like a squeaky toy mine field in our house.  Those suckers are EVERYWHERE!  So, I wonder… could I put half of them in this coffee table and let her play with the other half and rotate them out every few days?  Would I remember to rotate them?  Would she smell them hiding in there and rip the table to shreds in an attempt to get them out?  There’s a lot to think about here….

What are your thoughts?


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