Book Review: Dark of the Moon by Susan Krinard

So surprise surprise, I’m reviewing yet another vampire novel.  I’m fairly certain that I bought a box of books from someone somewhere and they’re all vampire / paranormal related.  This particular book is by an author named Susan Krinard.  Honestly I’d never heard of her before reading this book.  Give or take, she’s written about two dozen books.  I don’t think I’ll be picking up any of her other books soon. 

If I’m being totally candid, I hated this book.  Seriously, when I finished it I texted my husband and told him ‘I finally finished that freaking book!’  And he responded back with ‘ding dong the book is dead, the wicked book is dead.’  It was a fitting sentiment. 

This book is set in the 1920’s, as in tommy guns and flapper dresses, which totally make regular appearances throughout the story.  The 20’s holds no particular interest to me so the setting wasn’t helping.  To top it off, I kind of hated the lead character, Dorian Black.  He’s the picture of self-pity.  I honestly wanted to just slap him and tell him to get over it already or just kill yourself (he tries several times) and be done with it.  I got sooooo tired of his wallowing and depression and woe-is-me attitude.  If I’d been the lead female (Gwen Murphy) I don’t think I could have put up with him. 

As usual I put a synopsis of the book below but let me give you the “Readers Digest version.”  Dorian saves Gwen’s life.  Gwen is a reporter doing a story about a blood-drinking cult (based off of several murders that recently happened).  Low and behold, Dorian is a vampire.  She doesn’t realize this though until it’s too late.  Then they get caught up running from this crazy vampire religious sect (called Pax) which believes that all vampires should die.  According to them (Pax), vampires are the spawn of Cain (who killed his brother Abel in Genesis) and have been around since the dawn of man. 

So, not only do I not particularly care of the 20’s time period, I also can’t stand the lead male character, and now we’ve got a religious brow-beating vampire sect who wants to murder all the other vampires in the world and then commit suicide.  Am I the only one who this this is a completely weird idea for a book?

Synopsis from Susan Krinard’s website:  

During the heyday of the Clan, New York’s vampire organization of gangsters and bootleggers, Dorian Black was an enforcer for the notorious boss Raoul Boucher. But when the Clan is shattered by violence and betrayal, Dorian abandons his old ways and is prepared to die for his sins … until he saves the life of a brave and determined woman reporter, Gwen Murphy.

Gwen realizes at once that there is something very unusual about Dorian Black. She’s drawn to the haunted suffering in his eyes as well as to his strength and sexual allure. But he hides secrets that lie dangerously close to the ones she is pursuing for the New York Sentinel. Soon human and vampire must join forces and comes to terms with their growing attraction as they battle warring vampire factions and a fanatical cult bent on changing their world forever…


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