Window Shopping Wednesday – Carolyn Cochrane Fine Art Photography

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that my photog (photography) skills basically suck.  I have a camera that I bought because a friend had one and the pictures were always amazing and it seemed easy to use (it also go great reviews) but I honestly don’t really know how to use the thing (and I’m not entirely inclined to spend hours upon hours figuring it out).  So, that means my photographs could use some serious work, which means I have a serious appreciation for people who can take amazing pictures and/or edit them to look fabulous.  That’s why today we’re going to take a peek at a wonderful photographer named Carolyn Cochrane who specializes in nature and beach prints.  They’re GORGEOUS!  She also has some of her photos on iphone cases!

This weeks featured shop:  Carolyn Cochrane Fine Art Photography

I’d love to be able to change out the art in my house seasonally and I think that this photo would be amazing for the spring.

So would this one!  (wouldn’t these two look great as a set in a little girl’s nursery?)

For the fall I’d love to have this photo…

This one too!

I love this photo for winter.

I’d love to do dark and moody colors in our master bed and bath and this picture absolutely captures the idea I’m going for.

I think this ferris wheel photo would be great for a nursery!  Wouldn’t ‘circus’ be such a cute theme???

I think this photo is so peaceful.  I’d love to have this in a master bathroom near the tub so while I’m soaking I can imagine that I’m really here, floating on the lake.

Thanks for joining me!


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