Big Changes

So to those close to me this won’t be new news but for the rest of you I’m excited to tell you that I have a new job.  You see, the place I’m working at now was really only a long-term temp/contract position.  I’ve been here about a year and a half.  I like what I do, but there’s just not a place here for me that really can utilize my skill set.  My contract was set to expire at the end of October and knowing that, I went ahead and started my job hunt.  … And I got lucky.  Ok, that’s not entirely true… it wasn’t all just luck.  I do have a good skill set and I do have my Bachelor’s degree (albeit not in the field I work in).  Anywho, I was offered another job and took it.  It’s another contract (which I really didn’t want but the money is good, the company is good, the opportunity is good, and there’s potential to get hired on direct which is great).  So, I’m stoked.  Nervous, but excited.

This wasn’t the first job I got offered since I started looking but the other jobs just weren’t the right fit.  It’s important to know 1, what your worth and 2, what you’re looking for.  The first job that I was offered was the exact position I wanted, but they wanted to lower my salary by $12,000/year and give it back to me in bonuses and possible overtime.  In addition, it was a rather stuffy and uptight workplace (like suits and pantyhose EVERY DAY) and that’s just not me.  So, I politely declined the offer.  I won’t lie – I doubted myself and my decision to turn that position down for weeks but it was the right thing to do (of course, that’s easy to say now with this awesome opportunity standing right before me).

Above and beyond being thrilled with my new position and the opportunity to learn new things and prove myself I’m also super excited because scoring this job has allowed the Hubs and I to bring back our maid that left when mom moved out.  That’s right folks – no longer will I have to slave over my house doing this crazy cleaning schedule EVERY FREAKING DAY.  Now, the maid will come every other week which means that we’ll only have to clean house on the weeks that she’s not there.  Can I get an amen?  Hopefully this should free up some time so that we can either get some of our weekend chores done during the week or we can get some projects started (like this master bedroom renovation that we haven’t even remotely touched).

In addition, we now feel secure enough in our financial situation to spend a large chunk of our savings to get my husband’s AC repaired in his truck.  Poor thing has been without an AC for a year now and he works in the field every day (he’s in construction).  So, if you’re from Houston (or anywhere else with high humidity and a heat index over 100 for a minimum of four months a year) you know how excited he is to finally have AC again.  We’d planned to have it fixed months ago but then his transmission went kaput and the AC just got put on the back burner.

As far as the blog is concerned, I’m sure there will be a few changes around here as well.  In my current position I usually write out my blog posts during lunch but with the new gig, I’m fairly certain that won’t be happening.  Which means, of course, that I’ll have to write them at night when I get home and quite frankly I do just about everything in my power to avoid the computer when I come home from work.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  I do have something special planned for my upcoming 1 year blogiversary so keep your eyes peeled for that.

How about you guys?  Anything new and exciting going on in your world?

Oh – and I finally got my email down to zero since going on vacation for a week to Lake Tahoe (nearly 2 friggin months ago).  Can you believe it’s taken me that long?  I get, on average, about 60 emails a day (legitimate ones that I actually want to read) and they just kept piling up and piling up and piling up.  At one point I was well over 400.  I’m so excited to be back to a clean slate… at least until tomorrow.


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