Movie Review: No Strings Attached

So I finally got around to watching this movie the other day.  I’ve been wanting to watch it since I saw the previews and just never got around to it.  I’m glad I finally watched it but I will say that I’m not sure if I’d buy it.  I would, however, watch it on tv if it came on.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie in case you were living under a rock when it came out and never saw any of the previews:  In this comedy, Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) are life-long friends who almost ruin everything by having sex one morning. In order to protect their friendship, they make a pact to keep their relationship strictly “no strings attached.” “No strings” means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers, no baby voices. It means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever public place they want, as long as they don’t fall in love. The questions become – Can you have sex without love getting in the way? And can their friendship survive?

Truthfully I thought it had some good humor but at the same time I was a little bit irritated at the way that they kept making light of the main female character’s issues.  I mean, I get that this is a comedy but that chick has some serious problems and they sort of just joke about them or pretend that they don’t exist.  I thought that the character of ‘Adam’ was actually pretty spot on.  I think guys are more affected by breakups (when they’re the one being broken up with, not doing the breaking) then they’d like us to believe.  He also seems to be an all-around good guy which is nice to see for a change.

I liked that the movie wasn’t raunchy although they definitely could have taken it there if they’d wanted to.

There’s definitely some great lines…

Emma:  Congrats?  For what, having sex with you?

Adam:  You did a good job, so… I thought you deserved a balloon.

Adam:  Don’t call my penis cute. Even if it’s dressed up as a Care Bear and it’s giving you a care stare.

Emma:  Don’t dress up your penis. Ever!

Emma:  The height difference! When we stand next to each other it looks like he’s kidnapping me.

Katie:  [answers phone] Hey! How did it go? Did you find him?

Emma:  Yeah, he was with a girl. It’s his girlfriend. And I was in a bush.

Lucy:  So then when I was, like, 11 I was in therapy because I was, like, obsessively biting my hair and then three months in my therapist died. I know! So that was, like, kind of a bummer. But yeah, that’s why I hate planes.

If you don’t hate Adam’s dad (Kevin Kline) by the end there’s something wrong with you.  Oh, and the same goes for the first girlfriend (Greta Gerwig) who broke his heart.  Selfish whores the both of ‘em.

I honestly don’t have a whole lot to say about this movie.  I laughed.  Overall I thought it was “meh” to good.  It didn’t hit it out of the ballpark or anything.

Have you seen this movie?  What’d you think?


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