And then… sometimes… God hits you upside the head with a 2×4

So I know Saturday was the one year anniversary/birthday for this blog but I’ve gotta tell you guys – it hasn’t exactly been easy.  And now, with my new job and all, it’s even more of a struggle because I’m doing 100% of the blog work from home and not during my lunch break.  Still… the response over the last couple of weeks to a few of my blog posts has been amazing.  I told you about how my Beef with Caramelized Shallots recipe was featured here on another blog last week AND my Whole-Wheat Penne with Tomatoes and Red Onion recipe was featured here.  It’s truly been inspiring.

That being said, the nail in the coffin to my ‘should or shouldn’t I continue blogging dilemma’ was this…

Yep – that’s right… you guessed it… I got featured.  Again.  As in three times in one week.  And this time, it wasn’t even a recipe, it was my Button Wall Art.

Seriously ya’ll, do you ever feel like God comes down and literally smacks you upside the head with a 2×4?  I do.  Not frequently, but definitely sometimes.  And this week was one of those sometimes.  When I found out I’d been featured for the third time, the Hubs had just crawled in bed and I came skipping into the bedroom and said ‘guess what?  I got featured AGAIN!’  Want to know what his immediate response was?  He said ‘so you gonna quit?’  My response was HECK NO!

Although this blog isn’t particularly easy (mostly it’s time consuming more than anything), I do really enjoy doing it.  It’s kind of fun to figure out what I’m going to post and when I’m going to post it and I get a total kick out of seeing what you guys like and don’t like.  Let me tell ya, you guys love good food and a cheap craft or DIY remake.

So, I’m here for the long haul – or at least until you guys totally hate what I’m blogging about and/or I totally hate blogging.  Until then, expect to see more Changing My Marbles in your future!

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