Product Review: Urban Decay

So the other day I went to Ulta to purchase some new makeup because I ran out of my favorite eye shadow.  I purchased a few new products from Urban Decay and I wanted to tell you about them because I love them so much. 

You see – I’ve never been one to spend much money on makeup.  Usually I just purchase the colors I like in the cheapest place & brand in which I find them.  I’m realizing though, that sometimes the money you spend on quality products is worth it.  You get what you pay for after all. 

The first purchase I want to tell you about is the Eye Shadow Primer Potion.  I purchased the ‘original’ color.  First off, this stuff is $20 and it lasts FOREVER.  I mean, you use this itty-bitty bit each day and this tube is pretty good size.  I’m willing to bet this one tube will last me a year easy.  So the concept of eye shadow primer (in case you’re unfamiliar) is that it helps your eye shadow grip to your eyelids – no streaking or clumping or wearing off during the day.  Now, in the spirit of transparency I have to tell you that I’ve never tried another primer.  However, after trying this one I can tell you that I’ll probably never see the need to try another primer.  This one works great!  My eye shadow sticks all day and doesn’t run (I used to get sort of ‘goopy’ oily corners at the outsides of my eyes and those are LONG GONE!).  If you’re having any issues with the staying power of your eye shadow this stuff is a God-send.  I’ve tried it with several different brands of eye shadow and it works great with them all. 

I also purchased the Naked 2 pallet which comes with 12 taupe & greige neutral eye shadows, an eye shadow brush and a Lip Junkie Lip gloss in Naked.  Ok first off, the eye shadow colors are great.  There’s a wonderful range and so far I’ve used every single color except for the black (which I’m sure most people use for eyeliner but I prefer a real eyeliner stick).  The colors are vibrant and there’s a healthy mix of matte and sparkly colors in varying ranges of pale to dark.  I generally change up my eye makeup every day and this one palette has it all!

In addition I’ve totally fallen in love with the Lip Junkie lip gloss.  Usually I don’t like lip glosses because they’re sticky and don’t get me wrong, this one is definitely sticky, but it’s sooo moisturizing and it stays on ALL DAY LONG.  I just love it.  I put this on in the morning, take it off when I eat lunch and then reapply afterwards and my lips stay soft and supple all day.  The neutral color is great as well because it goes with EVERYTHING!  No more carrying around multiple tubes of lipsticks!  Yahoo! 

If you’re on the hunt for new makeup I definitely recommend checking out Urban Decay.  I’ve been really pleased with my purchases and would buy them again in a heartbeat. 

Do you have any favorite make up purchases that you’ve made?


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